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How to build arms at home

Relief biceps and triceps is the goal sought by every athlete to stand out from the crowd, to look sporty and fit. To achieve the desired result not only in the walls of the gym. The main thing to have desire and desire, and learn at home. There are many effective exercises for building muscle mass biceps and triceps, the implementation of which does not require a visit to the gym.

Pumped up arm muscles home

Isolation (isolated) exercises to work muscle groups of hands will definitely help you to achieve your goals, but we should not forget about the accompanying factors. You must not only practice, but also competently to approach the compilation of the diet. There should be enough fat, protein, carbs for building muscle mass of the body, including the hands.

There are many isolated exercises for inflating of muscles, recommended to perform at home. Not all are equally efficient and productive, but there are those, who, with diligent and proper installation, allow us to boast a beautiful relief and hand muscles.

To complete the proposed training will require a basic set of sports equipment. So, to start training, first of all, you must have:

  • dumbbells;
  • curved rod;
  • bench press with possibility of adjustment;
  • a pull-up bar to perform pull-UPS.

Missing equipment can be purchased at sports specialty, city as well as online store. Thinking about the advisability of funds, it should be clearly understood that the purchase of equipment is an essential investment in your own health and the key to toned and beautiful relief of the body.

Dedication and time — the key points of the training

There are no complications and difficulties in the implementation of the training for the weight training biceps and triceps no. All exercises are simple enough. To achieve results, you just need to not be lazy and be patient. The main thing is to practice from case to case, but systematically. You need to engage clearly on schedule without missing class.

The frequency of sessions depends on the body. Slim by nature athletes are required to do 4 to 5 times a week, and to eat. Do not expect quick results. Pump hand two weeks training will not work. You need to be patient and not to deviate from the intended target.

If to be persistent and consistent, do not neglect training, practicing 1-2 times a week, the efforts and efforts will not bein vain, and hands will become a cherished relief and will be the subject of pride.

What should be the training?

The main point in the implementation of the training on pumping up the muscles of the hands is a variety and integrated approach. Limited to one or two exercises, shaking, for example, bicep, hoping that would be enough, it is not recommended.

Need to perform three or four exercises for triceps and biceps. The muscles should be involved and work at full power. If after a workout no pain in the muscles, exercise does not bring the desired effect.

Not necessarily to involve all muscle groups in one workout. One day you can devote to the study of the chest muscles and biceps, and the other — back and triceps. Most importantly, remember that when underdeveloped muscle mass, the results will appear in one and a half or even two months.

You should not deal exclusively with muscle gain on my hands. Otherwise, the body will develop disproportionately. Therefore, regardless of the study which muscle groups are focused bodybuilder, others too should not be ignored.

General guidelines

One of the most common mistakes a lot of novice bodybuilders is that they enthusiastically start to exercise and pump the biceps daily. This approach not only generates results, but exhaust the athlete.

The constant and regular muscle load, which does not give the desired effect, can lead to reluctance to exercise and progressive decrease in physical activity. To avoid such consequences gives a clear understanding that muscles grow only when exercise alternate with rest.

If the athlete has a stand for the press, it is best to perform the deadlift and deadlifts with reverse grip, squats. And insulating, and integrated exercises, with regular exercise and proper execution, give a guaranteed result.

And, as mentioned earlier, the main thing that during the training were involved in both small and large muscle groups, that is, one training dedicated to pumping up the triceps and back muscles and the biceps and chest.

Of course, for some this approach may seem not the best, but he's backed up by personal experience, and demonstrated its effectiveness.

Exercises for pumping up the biceps

  1. Regular pullups on the bar;
  2. Insulated fold hands on the unit;
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  3. The lifting of a weight from a standing position;

  4. Lifts dumbbells sitting.

Exercise for pumping the triceps

  1. French press.
  2. Push UPS from the bench;

  3. Bench dumbbell sitting over the top.

Each exercise is performed for 4 sets, each of which is recommended to do 10 to 12 repetitions.

Pumped by hand at home

To have a pumped raised hand, not necessarily go to the gym. If the house you have standard weights, you can perform all the necessary exercises at home.

You need to have sports equipment such as barbell, set of dumbbells, a chin-up bar. All the exercises performed using these shells is simple and does not require any special effort. To do were interesting even in solo training, you can perform your favorite music.