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Rational use of proteins for weight loss

Most of the athletes perceive the need to use proteins for weight loss as a mandatory rule. However, how appropriate the increased dietary intake of protein to enhance muscle growth in terms of lack in the diet of fats and carbohydrates?

When using a low calorie diet for weight loss there is a lack of the proteins that is unacceptable as it will lead to decrease of immune protection and the emergence of a number of somatic and psychological problems.

The use of proteins for weight loss allows you to reach several goals:

  • ensures the preservation of muscle mass while losing body fat;
  • stimulates the slimming process;
  • enhances immunity;
  • increases the overall tone, despite the limited caloric diet.

Proteins enable preserve muscle mass

It is estimated that the weight fraction of protein (including protein natural foods) in the diet should be 25-30% of total calories. The main reason for a significant increase dosages of consumed protein is the prevention effect of catabolic processes and preserve the existing muscle mass.

The increase in catabolism when protein shortage in the diet serves several purposes:

  • In the case that stop the flow of amino acids into the body from outside, start to develop catabolic processes in muscle tissue: contractile proteins are destroyed and lost muscle mass to ensure needs amino acids, which are important not only as building material but also for the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, receptors, haemoglobin, etc.
  • In conditions of deficiency of nutrients in the body processes to conserve energy, including the breakdown of muscle tissue, which is an active energy consumer. While it preserved the least active adipose tissue.
  • In addition, the process of fat oxidation as the main source of energy under starvation conditions requires a large number of enzymes are in nature of polypeptides, consisting of hundreds of amino acids. In other words, fat burning is impossible without the participation of proteins.

Protein activates the burning of fat reserves

In a high income of proteins, the organism begins to actively consume fatty tissue in order to compensate their needs.

It is proved that the proteins effect on body fat in several ways:

  • stimulate the burning of body fat due to increased energy requirements in the process of protein digestion (to digest protein requires 30% more energy than to digest fats or carbohydrates);
  • reducethe speed of absorption of carbohydrates, aligning the glycemic index, and ultimately, lengthen the absorption of carbohydrates to maintain proper blood sugar levels, allowing you to cope with hunger;
  • reduce the level of insulin, which inhibits lipolysis and causes their accumulation (especially glutamine).

Proteins boost the immune system and overall tone

The main mechanisms of enhancement of immunity in the receiving protein can be reduced to three basic:

  • Stimulating effect of BCAAs-amino acids (they are especially numerous in whey protein) leads to a complete recovery after workouts.
  • Amino acids are the structural element of the enzymes that help assimilation of vitamins and minerals.
  • In stimulation of the immune system plays a major role glutamine.

What protein is best for weight loss?

On the basis of numerous studies have shown that it is most expedient to use for weight loss containing carbohydrates and fats whey protein isolate, and casein (possibly its use, instead of dinner). The use of whey protein helps retain muscle mass, and the use of casein causes the best fat burning. The use of these proteins is also of the increasing strength of the shoulders, chest muscles and legs.

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