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Top 10 most harmful products

The importance of proper nutrition now know even children. But theoretical knowledge is one thing, practical is another. In fact not all eat meals prepared from natural products only. Harmful products, which will be explained later, it is better to completely remove from your diet or at least reduce to a minimum.

We all know that quite often junk food is very tasty and hearty. Some people wonder: why? Doctors attribute this to the fact that the human organism rather quickly accustomed to unhealthy food. The conducted research suggests that dangerous products include certain chemical composition, which makes it imperative to use them in large volume.

There is even a scientific name, which determines the appearance of the erroneous sensations of hunger, making people a huge amount to absorb hazardous food "hedonic hyperphagia". This feeling leads to the fact that the person starts to eat just to get pleasure from the process of absorption of a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, not to eliminate hunger. Need long and careful work in order to change unhealthy habits. But you must first meet with the main enemy – 10 harmful foods for the body and the human immune system.

Fast food


These products include burgers, noodles, potato "fries" and any other "fast" food. Food this category fairly quickly saturates and satisfies hunger, although this is a short-term feeling. In addition, the price is not very expensive and you can buy it at every step.

In such foods, which are called "junk food", are taste enhancers – there has been no widely known and a of monosodium glutamate E-621. This chemical composition can enhance the taste of any meals, though he is not prohibited by law, but it is very bad skazhetsya on the health of the person and his health. The main harm of this E-Supplement is that it provokes imminent addictive. People who eat mostly junk food, normal food does not seem to be takm delicious, in other words "no". This flavor enhancer has a negative impact on the human nervous system.

Potato "fries" and happy with harmful without the presence of glutamate. Fried potatoes itself is a very nutritious dish with a large number of carbohydrates and fats. The lipids it contains are those TRANS fats, which are the main culprits in the following diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Weight gain
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart attack
  • A heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Neuropathy

Scientists have proven that TRANS fats provoke genetic changes in cells that can lead to cancerous diseases. The dangers of fried potatoes is compounded by the fact that in canteens it is prepared in oil that is repeatedly used in cooking. This preparation of potatoes makes it a very dangerous carcinogen.

Chips and crackers

Чипсы и сухарики

The chips include a large number of above-mentioned E-621 and salt and many other chemical additives. This product is in principle very far from real potatoes, from which it would have to do. Chips prepared from starch, flour and flavorings, which give the chips a variety of flavors: bacon, cheese, crabs, etc.

The constant eating of chips and crackers are a direct route to the appearance of gastritis, ulcers, maybe even stomach cancer. Components that are in these foods cause irritation of the gastric mucosa and lead to permanent mutations at the cellular level.

Mayonnaise and ketchup

Mayonnaise – a product that is also rich with a huge presence of TRANS fats. The food, liberally dressed with mayonnaise, a very negative effect on blood vessels. The intake of food, liberally dressed with mayonnaise, makes blood vessels less elastic. In the end, there are diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, and they can lead to much more dire consequences. The dangers of mayonnaise is enhanced by the presence of preservatives and stabilizers different taste.

Ketchup also has a bad effect on human health. Ketchup, which abound on store shelves, reallyonly in a small amount contains real tomatoes, but over filled with all sorts of dyes, flavors and other chemical additives.

Sugar and salt

Сахар и соль

The lack of sugar for the body is as follows: permanent upotreblenie sugar leads to a sudden jump in the level of glucose in the blood, and this, in turn, provokes an increased secretion of insulin. Because of this, the pancreas begins to function in an intensive mode and is quickly exhausted. All as to the occurrence of diabetes. This disease each year progresses more and more: doctors believe that eating sweets, confectionery and other products with a high level of sugar is the main reason for such sad statistics.

In addition, constant consumption of sugar can provoke such diseases:

  • The weakening of the immune system that could increase the probability of infectious diseases.
  • Disorders of mineral balance in the body.
  • Rapid weight gain — obesity.
  • Diseases of the oral cavity, gums and teeth.
  • Osteoporosis, which occurs due to the violation of absorption of calcium.

The list of diseases goes on, because doctors naschityvaet more than 100 diseases that somehow arise from the excessive consumption of sugar.

Salt also has a negative impact on the body. This seasoning is an integral part of the human diet, but its norm only 10-15 grams in a day what people naturally do not even know. People consumed much more of this norm, about 5-10 times. Excess salt intake leads to disruption of the liquid level in the body and this in turn increases the load on the kidneys, heart and blood vessels. The result – kidney failure, vision loss, heart attack, stroke.

White bread

Белый хлеб

White bread — probably the main representative of the "fast" carbohydrates that are quite harmful for the human body. This product leads to excessive calorie intake that the body has to defer as gervich stocks. In addition, the composition of modern bread are necessarily harmful additives and compounds which result in diseases of the digestive, cardiovascular system, cancers.


In fact, canned foods are a dead product, and does not include anything the body needs. Canned foods usually contain a large volume of food additives, salt and various chemicals. Eating canned food doctors recommend only in case of severe hunger and the inability to procure other food.


Good chocolate (without additives, palm oil) in moderation does not hurt, but large bars that advertise to stave off hunger is, without a doubt, a shock to the system. Such products include excessive amounts of sugar, which is man, and so receives surplus. The same applies to candy.

Dairy products

Some scientists do not even recognize the milk product which is suitable for consumption. Others, of course, is not so categorical, but also insist on eating dairy food less than 100 g per day. This is especially true of yogurts that are constantly advertised as one of the most useful products. Today, in yogurt, almost nothing natural in them a large number of thickeners, stabilizers, which are very bad for health. Therefore, if a person needs live bacteria, it is better to buy special drugs in the pharmacy.


Газированные напитки

The harm such drinks is the excessive amount of food "chemicals" contained in their composition. Coca-Cola, lemonades, sodas contain a large amount of sugar. Permanent upotreblenie of such beverages leads to a gradual loss of calcium from bones, digestive problems and other negative consequences. Even the use of low-calorie drinks with artificial sweeteners still will not bring anything good to the body. Most of the doctors claims that sweeteners cause harm to the body.


The fact that alcohol negatively affectshealth, known to all. Alcohol has a negative effect on the digestive system, kidneys, heart. Even the smallest amount of alcohol causes significant impact on the cells of the liver and nervous system, and causes the body stress. Continuous use of alcohol leads to first a psychological and later physical-chemical dependency.

To maintain its health, immunity should abandon all these products, but if this is not possible (as in the case of salt), it is easy to control the amount of product, too much not to get them, and then with the body everything will be fine.

Below you can learn what to replace these harmful products.