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How to build upper abs

The bottom, side, top pressure is conventionally called the relevant parts of the muscles of the abdomen. More than any other feeling the load in your daily life the top of the press, therefore, to give him easier than the bottom or the side.

The main set of exercises

Become the owner of good press with cubes, according to experts, it is possible and in house conditions, doing on a regular basis by properly choosing and completing training. There are many exercises that can help to achieve this goal, but focus better on the key. They should be the basis of all of the training that you can do outside of the gym.

Twisting of the body with twists

Скручивания корпуса с поворотами

Effectively uses the upper press suggests the following procedure:

The starting position

Lie on your back, bend his knees, interlock your hands behind your head. Feet can stay on the floor to be at an angle of 90 degrees on a hill (the bench), be involved in the training.


Slowly lift the body first to the left and then right. The main goal is to make the elbow touch the opposite knee.


The lower back must remain immobile and tightly pressed to the floor, rises and turns to be exclusively due to movements of the upper back. You need to climb exhale through the mouth, and fall with the inhale through the nose.

Beginners are recommended to start to do from 8 to 10 crunches for 3 sets. When an exercise is completely mastered, the number of iterations is increased to 50.

Leg lifts

Подъемы ног

The initial position

Performed lying on the floor with stretched along the body hands, hands which are directed downwards, or on the bench, when his hands holding her in the head. Regardless of this, the legs remain straight.


Exhaling, raise your legs at a right angle, lower to original position, inhaling.


Proper execution of this exercise involves gentle movements, no jerks. The pelvis when performing the lift must be completely off the floor. Acceptable slightly bent legs.

A pocket knife

Перочинный нож

The starting position

"Toe the line" — torso with outstretched behind your head with your hands to form a line.


Raise legs at the same time with the body on the exhale, fixing the lift to the second highest point and then slowly return to the initial position.


Attention requires coordination. To the abdominal muscles had been worked to the maximum, it is necessary to hold legs with hands at a small distance from the surface of the floor, not lower them to the end.

Turns feet

Повороты ног

Original position

Taken on the Mat.


Legs, without bending, lift up, and then lower first right and then left and right.


To get the maximum value possible only in the case if you hold the legs at a distance of 15-20 cm from the floor.

A distinctive feature of the training is that it is considering not only the upper abs but the lower.

A set of exercises at the gym

Unlike the previous, require the use of simulators. Perfect if you're visiting sports hall, serves as an extra load on the muscles of the upper press.

Twisting on the block

Скручивания на блоке

Stand up to the simulator back. Grasp the handle with your hands, down on my knees. Keep the knob of the cable as possible behind the head and in front of your chest. The higher the hands are, the higher the load is on press. When the desired position is accepted, do a forward bend, twisting the housing.

Upgrades on the bench

Подъемы на скамье

Sitting on thethe upper point of the inclined bench, fix the feet and then lean back. The body should be positioned parallel to the floor. Lift the body up and then lower it to its original position.

Hands have differently. They can be crossed, folded behind, kept behind his head in a "lock". Importantly, at the bottom of the housing is parallel to the floor, in the upper stomach almost touched the hip.

Twisting on the simulator

Скручивания на тренажере

Sit on the machine, lock the position of the feet, grasp the handle. The technique is to perform a tilt toward the knees with simultaneous twisting of the body, and then return to its original position.

The resistance will depend on the simulator. For some it is weight lifting, and on the other — due to the pressure the chest at point-blank range. The main advantage of this exercise is that it pumps up the upper press, the front scalloped and oblique muscles.

Additional training

Presents basic exercises help to achieve a high enough result, of course, in the case where they are not only regularly, but properly. You can confine them, but we should not ignore the additional load that will be quite useful for those who wish to achieve the maximum effect.

Alternative exercises:

  1. Simple elevation of the upper part of the body.

Performed on the Mat. Legs bent at right angles at the knees. Lift the body so that the top of the press was the most tense, and his hands pull forward as possible. When the torso is raised up high, stay at the extreme, gradually increasing the "pause" of up to ten seconds.

  1. Two previous exercises:
  • with crossed hands;
  • with his hands clasped behind his head;
  1. Tilts.

Involve the use of any subject, for example, benches on which to bend. Technique exercises suggests a delay in the middle of the bend. The bigger it is, the better.

How to increase the effectiveness of training?

To correctly build a press, you need to aim to increase the effectiveness of performed exercises. With this purpose, you need to take into account some important nuances:

  1. Of particular importance are the anatomical features of the physique of the athlete, a change which cannot be influenced.
  2. We must not forget about nutrition. It directly affects the efficacy of the exercise and should be balanced.
  3. Should not be restricted to solely focus on exercises designed to inflate and develop pack abs.

If you ignore the above paragraphs, particularly the last one, the result may be zero, but the fat's not going anywhere. Avoid allowing this execution, in addition to the main, additional training. Better suited to high-intensity cardio, you want to take at least 20 minutes each session. When such a possibility is, to give you more time.

Additional equipment

Doing exercises for inflating the upper press can be and without any sports equipment. However, it is better to have some equipment that allows you to extend the capabilities of an athlete during training. This applies primarily to the bench, which is necessary for performing many exercises.

More comfortable and safer to use for practicing Mat. Continuing it is recommended to purchase pancakes from the rod. They are needed when exercise begins to be easy to use them as weights.

Contraindications to the classroom

Not everyone can start training on pumping press. There are a number medical contraindications, which you should know in advance. To start training not with hypertension, problems with the vascular system. Difficulties may experience people suffering from lumbar lordosis, and thoracic osteochondrosis. If to take into account factors that do not allow you to begin classes, come to the training complex, then the result willa long wait.