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Exercise donkey

Calf muscles act as a shock absorber, are responsible for ankle extension and flexion of the knee. There are many educational calf exercises for bodybuilders. Most of them focus on the load of the lumbar, including "donkey". The load on the lower back when it is executed at the expense of ordinary liftings on socks in the slope.


Техника выполнения

This option involves the help of a partner and is as follows:

  1. Take an initial position in accordance with the above photograph.

Put on your teammate's back in such a way that the load from the additional weight had on the muscles of the legs.

If no partner, exercise can be done on the simulator, designed for lifts in the slope of socks. To take a correct position, tight base cushion.

  1. Grab the prop by hand.

Spread your feet shoulder-length apart, slightly bend the legs, while socks to look right.

  1. Breathing out, rise up on tiptoe.

Try to stretch as high as possible without moving the knee, by using only the calf muscles.

  1. Slowly lower as you exhale.

Before lowering hold for a few seconds at the top extreme point.

Exercise will benefit only at observance of technology implementation.

General recommendations and tips

To increase the effectiveness of the exercise:

  1. alternate training rhythm, changing mnogoobraznye and Mesopotamia trainings, arranging between sets breaks for one or two minutes;
  2. make a powerful climbs, hold adopted the position of the calf in the top position, lower yourself slowly, to achieve maximum contraction;
  3. dilute socks in hand to transfer the main load on the inner part of the calf muscles, and mix to achieve the opposite effect — the concentration on the outer part.

Good to train calves, and will help the trainer to work in which you are sitting. When enough experience, you can begin to improve range of motion using a substrate under the socks.

To whom, when, how many times?

Exercise donkey is suitable for everybody. It is better to do after basic training. You need to do 15-20 repetitions for 3 sets. Most importantly, remember that exercise is possible and with a partner, and in the simulator.