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Exercises for triceps for women at home

To bring the muscles of the hands to tone and optional access to the gym. There are several effective and simple exercises, the performance of which requires only 15 minutes and do not need to visit the gym. For classes you will need weighting. It can be a dumbbell or filled water bottle. Part of the exercises performed using an exercise ball.

Exercises for triceps for women at home and in the hall

Taut and toned triceps for every girl is an opportunity to wearing sleeveless dresses, showing others their good physical shape and beautiful body. To strengthen the muscles of the hand exercises not only tone, but also contribute to the normalization of metabolism.

To do the exercises you need three times a week. If together with the place, and reconsider your diet, then training will help to get rid of excess weight.

Pushups on one hand

Отжимания одной рукой

Take the initial position as shown in the picture A. Lying on your side, put feet together and knees slightly bend. Left hand on right shoulder, right palm on the floor.

Do the exercise in accordance with figure B. Shifting the emphasis on the right hand, and straighten it while raising the torso. Do 12 repetitions on each side.

Pushups based on the fitball

Отжимания с опорой на фитбол

Original position as shown and similar to regular push UPS, only hands are not on the same level with the shoulders, and closer to each other, the legs lie on the fitball.

Slowly bend your arms at the elbow joints to form right angle as illustrated on picture B. Take an initial position. Make at least 12 repetitions.

Straightening arms with fitness ball and dumbbells

Разгибание рук с фитнес мячом и гантелями

Please starting position as in figure A. you Can lie down on an exercise ball or use a bench. In the bent at the elbows hands hold dumbbells or other weights.

Slowly straighten your arms as shown in the image B. Then return to original position, lowering arms. Perform 12 reps in a row.

Straightening hands with weights over head

Разгибание рук с утяжелителями над головой

Stand up straight and relax your knees but do not bend them. Raise your arms up and bend your elbows so they were on the same level with the ears. In the hands hold a dumbbell. Provision should be similar to figure A.

Straighten your arms, simultaneously pushing the dumbbells up. Triceps should be tensed, and his hands in the end position straight (picture B). Return to starting position. Do the exercise 12 times.

Extension of the hands in the slope with dumbbells

Разгибания рук в наклоне с гантелей

To take original position on the bench put the left hand and left knee. The right hand containing the dumbbell, keeping parallel to the body, bent at a right angle (figure a).

Slowly straighten the arm, are retained in the end position (image B) and then return to the original. Repeat the exercise for each side at least 12 times.


Отжимания от пола

Is performed without using any equipment. To accept a starting position (image A), lie on the floor, the arms are arranged so that they are at shoulder level.

Lower the body so elbows are at sides and parallel to the body (figure B). And buttocks, and press should be as tense. After dropping adopt the original position. To be at least 12 reps.