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How to build muscle at home

If you have the possibility to make a gym it's great. But many people, especially those who received apartments during the Soviet era, learned from personal experience that every square meter weight in gold. And spend precious meters on simulators few dare. Our article for those whom these factors do not scare me. Even in such Spartan conditions, you can exercise, develop muscles and improve. You should not be afraid of the idea that home is impossible, like it's not a gym, there are experienced instructors and the like. Anything is possible, it would wish. Don't be so naive, it's your health. The secret of success is the desire and hard work on yourself.

Such reasoning may occur is a logical question, and whether it is worth spending their time. The lack of money, family, personal beliefs, and finally, remoteness of residence are the main factors that impose limits on fitness classes and sports sections. But even under these conditions, do not lose heart, everyone has, and do not say the opposite, a lot of free time that you use for lying in front of the TV and drinking alcohol. So as they say — onward and upward!


At the time, in schools for PE lessons in the army during morning exercises, were applied and still apply the push-UPS, this exercise is very useful and employ the pectoral muscle group and triceps. So the same effect on other muscles, this is because the body while performing push UPS is in a horizontal position. And if you have a problem with the press is, in principle, the exercise remains in question.

To performing a pushup, you need to warm up, this exercise is performed ten to twenty times with a small break in two minutes. Then work on the result, to the complete exhaustion. You can also use additional load in the form of pancakes from the rod, at the worst, you can put a wife or child on his shoulders. Exercise is fulfilled when you from exhaustion collapsed on the floor, only then it can be argued that everything is done correctly.


When squats are performed without additional load, the activation of exclusively the muscles of the legs. When using the extra weight involved in a back muscles. When performing this exercise it is necessary to ensure that the weight fell on the heel, and the body at the same time, occupy a special position. If thighs are parallel to the floor, deep squats to do. No-load performance of knee-bends special wing will not bring, and boring as that. Therefore, placing someone on your shoulder or parisada on one leg, you will receive a colorful feel and a good result. As always, be sure to warm up the leg muscles, this approach takes two training and after squat in full gear. The most important thing when doing any exercise is to warm up the muscles for the work ahead, or full collapse, torn muscles, fractures, etc.

Exercises for the abs

Among the many opinions, there is that abdominal muscles are divided into three groups: upper, middle, lower. This is a misconception, if you look at the anatomy book will immediately become clear that muscle alone.

Just at different loads, the voltage is transmitted to different stations.

There is a great variety of special exercises for the press.

To perform the exercises in various ways: by raising the body, raising the feet, and in various positions: upright, on the bench and even as you can imagine.

At home, you can "swing" press, for example, lying on the floor, inserting the feet under the sofa or bed, or grab hold of something stationary and lift straight or knees bent feet.

A number of approaches to exercise is an individual matter.

The result you will feel as you achieve it, the muscles tired, and will be sipping. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise will lie on the bed and moan in pain.

If the home sport equipment dumbbells, pancakes fromrods, wall bars, rope can be a full-fledged home workout that will be no worse than in the gym.

And remember, the benefit is already there, just when you decided to exercise, and the result will be after a long workout and you just eventually will stun! But if with all this, there is a possibility to visit gym, fitness club or pool, do not miss this opportunity. Sport is health, health is life!