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Never dieting

Diet and balanced diet are two different concepts that need to learn to differentiate before you start to reduce your diet in an attempt to maintain optimum weight. In General, a proper balanced diet will help to achieve the same results that diet however in contrast to dieting, it is easy to observe a sufficiently long period of time.

Short term diet for a few days and give a quick result that is also fast and is lost. Prolonged diets are potentially dangerous for their fans, they can damage physical and mental health and is unlikely to bring the desired result in the long term. The reduction of the volumes of different parts of the body subject to the Express diets happens only due to fluid loss, muscle mass and cleansing the colon. The body cannot quickly start to lose body fat, so in terms of lack of food begins to fragment light carbohydrates and muscle mass, releasing the necessary energy and nutrients for their own needs. The same who wants to lose weight without harm to their health, will help a few tips, not forced to exhaust yourself diets.

Carbohydrates should be consumed together with protein

With appropriate physical exercise and lack of eating number of carbohydrate intake can not be controlled. However, carbohydrates that are consumed without protein in large quantities in the body are converted to glucose. The increase of glucose level in turn, causes increased production of insulin, which decelerates the fat burning and stimulates the appetite. According to studies, the protein slows down the processing of carbohydrates into glucose, so food with a high content of protein must be present in any diet.

Do not eat carbohydrates after eating the main meal

There are times when, after a large and hearty dinner still feeling hungry. Not the best exit from this situation is the use of another portion of carbohydrates, especially at night. Night, generally during sleep, the body burns a lot less calories than a day, so excessive serving of carbohydrates before bedtime will increase fat reserves. If there is hunger, then before bed it is better to eat several small portions of protein foods, such as low-fat cottage cheese. Carbohydrates that are consumed before bed, even three hours, can interfere with production of growth hormone. This growth hormone involved in burning fat and building muscle, so in its absence, will also accumulate fat.

The water must be ingested in sufficient quantity

The human body consists of 70% water, so water plays a key role in all functional processes in the body and in the process of metabolism. Studies show a decrease in the rate of metabolism in the body with insufficient amount of liquid. Such a breach in the long term will definitely affect the overall condition, causing excessive thinness or swelling. In 2003, the Journal of clinical endocrinology published a study which proves that only half a liter of fluid is able to speed up the metabolism by about 30%. In addition to effects on metabolism, water also gives a feeling of satiety. Quite often, hunger can be confused with thirst, leading to drinking excessive quantities of food. Nutritionists recommend drinking a few glasses of water throughout the day between meals.

You need to choose the right fats

Although the value of fat to the body is difficult to overestimate, by themselves they are quite high in calories and contain almost 2 times more calories per gram, compared to carbohydrates and proteins. In the process of maintaining the body in a dry condition without fat is necessary to some extent to limit the consumption of saturated fat found in high amounts in beef and dairy products. Saturated fats are responsible for the maintenance of testosterone levels, however they are mostly stored as fat. As compensation instead of beef you can eat more fish or poultry. Monounsaturated fats are nuts and olive oil and polyunsaturated fish oils almost completely metabolized by the body and not stored as fat. Total daily fat intake should be no more than 20% of the entire calorie intake for the day.

Breakfast should be rich enough

Food, which is eaten during Breakfast, almost never is deposited in fats. Breakfast determines the day's rate of metabolism, maintains the level of metabolism and provides all possible assistance in the process of controlling appetite throughout the day. According to research published in the American journal of College nutrition, people, including your Breakfast of protein and complex carbohydrates, the next day you consume less calories.

Additives should be present in the diet

Even if creatine, glutamine, BCAAs inductors and other compounds morally already fed, do not need to completely eliminate them. Supplements help with muscle growth. In the process of building muscle speeds up the metabolism, making it impossible fat however, the same metabolism may not achieve the desired musclemass. Supplements should be taken in food, in addition, along with better use of drugs, the main effect of which is to burn fat. Some supplements, such as nitric oxide, by themselves, affect the process of reducing body fat. Inductors BCAAs help maintain the metabolism at a high enough level, creatine affects the process of burning fat and also increases muscle strength.

For drying the body is better to apply multiple additives in the complex. This complex should include:

  • arginine 3-5 grams in the morning before Breakfast, for half an hour before training and before bedtime;
  • BCAA 3-5 grams in the morning before meals, the same immediately before and immediately after training, and also in the evening;
  • creatine – 3-5 grams before and immediately after exercise.

Need to train more often

In the muscle-building process is crucial to the amount of training and the process of recovery, and the main thing is that recovery. It is proved that for improving the efficiency of the training cycle, it must be about six or seven sessions at a lower intensity loads themselves. This mode of exercise optimizes the metabolism, because the metabolism of aktiviziruyutsya not only during intensive sport, but for some time after exercise. Usually, training three times a week, during each lesson given intensity directly only on some parts of the body. Studies have shown that in the case of building muscle greater efficiency have a short duration of exercise at least 6 times a week. With such a regime of lessons, the metabolic rate grows to a higher level in comparison with the regime of three sessions per week. Moreover, a short physical activity help to avoid over training and the associated fatigue of the muscles and body in General.

Another important advantage of short and frequent physical exercise can be attributed to glucose metabolism. Subject to such a regime, when the body receives a daily load, excess glucose is converted into glycogen. In the normal resting glucose deposited in fat. To achieve the best result in the muscle-building process and strengthen the body experts recommend to develop the right mode of loads on different parts of the body. Optimal schedule of exercise can be described as follows:

  • Day 1 – load is given to the muscles of the chest and press;
  • Day 2 – the training should be as involved back;
  • Day 3 – time to swing the leg muscles, calves and back muscles;
  • Day 4 – exercises for shoulders andtrapezoidal back muscles;
  • Day 5 – again swinging the press, and also involves the triceps;
  • Day 6 – the emphasis is on training the biceps and forearm muscles;
  • Day 7 – a day of peace and relaxation for the whole body.