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Flexible and slim body with stretching

The origin of the term "stretching" has English roots. We are talking about a special kind of aerobics, where all attention is focused on the elasticity and flexibility of the body, stretching the muscles. This kind of exercise suitable for people of any age and is not dependent on prior preparation. Classes can be completely independent, and can be an additional burden to the main system of exercises, aerobics or fitness.

Regardless of age or flexibility of the body, these exercises will suit everyone. Optimal results are achieved only if you perform them daily.

First of all, you need to understand what you want from these sessions:

  • Stimulate blood circulation, lymph circulation;
  • to relieve the pain provoked by the tension of the nervous system and stress;
  • to slow the aging process;
  • to maintain skin elasticity lean body mass;
  • to reduce the stress on the psyche.

It is necessary to understand what constitutes this kind of aerobics, what is it use for what are stretching, what results are expected of the person subject to regular performance of the exercises.


Stretching: General information

From all written above, it becomes clear — is a stretching system for stretching and body flexibility. Trainings can be spontaneous as a separate full-fledged complex, and additional, as an addition to designed exercises. Conventionally, each of us who at least once tried to do the splits, worked on stretching. An important element of this kind of exercise — stretching the muscles of the legs.

Besides the fact that this kind of aerobics helps perfect the training of the back muscles, arms, neck, and whole upper body. Regular classes for stretching helps the joints and muscles on the body to lose mobility, and importantly, slow down their aging process.

Stretching classes are included in the complex training of professional athletes and are used as an independent therapeutic and recreational gymnastics. This kind of discipline gives the ability to alternately relax and stretch muscle and this helps the rapid process of removing tension in the body and restores lost strength, helps to relax and bring the body in tone.

Also important is the fact that the kind of aerobics provides all women the opportunity to be slim and beautiful. With regular exercises in a gym at some point, you will notice that the entire excess fat of the body is almost gone, and the muscle size increased. Relief muscle creates the visual impression that the body has become larger. An additional benefit of stretching is called and what muscles does not grow in breadth, despite regular stretching. The result of constant exercises is a superb figure, beautiful body, beautiful curves, a perfect waist.


The benefits of exercise

Complex exercises for flexibility and stretching will give the man:

  • improving self-esteem, good mood, a sense of comfort and inner satisfaction;
  • will help to eliminate pain, tension at different points by dealing with muscle and nerve blocks;
  • activates the cardiovascular system. Important work of peripheral veins and arteries, because it helps to eliminate chronic ailments and prevent such problems as thrombosis, atherosclerosis, etc;
  • return the body's natural flexibility and will help to rejuvenate the body;
  • a slender, posture is always majestic.
  • classes help work out all muscle groups, including those who are not involved in some of the visits to the gym.

Stretching would be appropriate in any time of the day, including between strength training. After only one month of people notice the expression of latent possibilities of his own body. For example, you'll be able to sit in the Lotus position, or laying his head on his knees. There is no limit for improvement opportunities, so with the passage of time and regular exercise you can be available the amazing secrets of the yogi.


The nuances and specifics

There are several kinds of stretching, so it is easy to choose one that will suit you, regardless of preferences and complexity.

Strength training exercises – stretching exercises and muscle strength. These classes are perfect for those who have dealt with systematic stretching.

Aerotrekking – classes stretching and flexibility based on paintings in the airspace. Exercises are not for beginners, as there is a risk of damage and injury. This type of stretching is suitable for those who already have basic training after class classic kind of aerobics.

Beginners should be careful to work up gradually. It is unacceptable to demand from the body maximum results in a short period of time, as heavy loads can severely damage the muscles of the body. Beginners usually start their work with simple exercises, maintaining each of them not more than 15-20 seconds.

Basic rules for newbies:

  • Correct breathing. It is impossible to retard or accelerate the inhalations or exhalations. Throughout the complex you should breathe rhythmically and methodically. Deep breathing is possible during the break between the uprights;
  • stretching exercise after practicing aerobics, gymnastics, physical exercise. It provides the required flow of blood to muscle mass and improves their elasticity;
  • after the exercises relax the muscles, not to do the hard work to eliminate strength exercises because you can earn the overexertion of the body;
  • stretching the body is to a certain point – an indicator of sufficient load are pain impulses. The pain indicates that the person has reached his maximum limit stretching of the muscles.

Minor pain does not have to be scary. There is the notion of "good" pain impulses in the muscles, and "dangerous" symptoms, which indicate risk of injury or of its presence. One quickly learns to distinguish one from the other after starting a workout.

A set of exercises

The training sessions are held in several stages:

  1. Mandatory phase – power manipulation or warm-up: so man warms up your muscles to avoid damage.
  2. System of exercises on body flexibility – the splits, the bridge, bending, etc.
  3. The complex of exercises for stretching that involves a partner.
  4. Classes to relax the muscles.

The effectiveness of the exercises it becomes obvious after a few workouts. Each time the body acquires a greater degree of plasticity. Over time, the complex can be extended to introduce exercises for ballet stretching – this will give the opportunity to achieve more significant progress. Classes may be taught with music. Music is an individual choice of the person. Fits all: easy option pop, relaxing ambient music, jazz and so on. Now there are a number of web sites, which is lined with all sorts of ringtones for fitness, gymnastics, aerobics.

Simple exercises for flexibility and stretching the body:

Стретчинг упражнения рука вверх

  1. Stand straight, legs slightly apart and bent at the knees. One hand up, as if reaching for something, and then the hands are freely lowered. The same is repeated for the second hand. For each hand to be done 4-5 times.
  2. Be the same as before this exercise. The left hand rests on the belt and the right need to embrace the head and lean to the right, the position is fixed at 20 seconds. Then is pause for 10 seconds. The exercise should be repeated for another part. On each side is 10 reps.
  3. Taken a sitting position, legs widely divorced, and his hands placed behind his head. Need to reach for your right knee, with an extreme point needs to be fixed, then the same to the left knee. Done 8 approaches.
  4. Standing on all fours, right hand to pull forward, left foot back, giving them the maximum elongated position and hold that for 20 seconds. Exercise is done for all limbs. Repeat 8 times.
  5. To take the supine position, legsto raise the head, foot obkladyvayutsya hands, such position is held for 20 seconds. Then the legs should be let go. Repeat the exercise 8 times.

Important — alternately relax and static strain stretched the muscles of the body. At the beginning of the course is preferable to work with an experienced trainer in the field of stretching aerobics.


It is not recommended to engage in training people who have trauma, pathological problems with the spine or joints, especially during periods of exacerbation. Also, do not do the exercises for those who have serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, hernia, arthritis, osteoporosis. You can't train with a fever, flu symptoms, inflammation or infectious diseases.