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How to build a beautiful ass, effective workout

You learn how to make the buttocks more with our set of workouts! Here are all the exercises and the necessary motivation that will help you to create the Brazilian butt in no time!

As a rule, women pay a lot of attention to their buttocks. Too big, too small, too saggy, too protruding, strong or insufficiently inflated. For most women, this obsession boils down to one main question: how to make your buttocks more?

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for the trip, as you travel to this Brazilian Paradise.

When we pay our envious eyes on Latin America, we see a completely different picture. But when we look at Portuguese-speaking part of the continent, we begin to experience real jealousy. This is because Brazilian ladies can boast of a remarkable ass. And it is not about the models showing swimwear. On the beaches of Rio de Janeiro you can find a great number of women with sexy buttocks of all ages.

So what is the Brazilian secret? Do these women have excellent genetics, which got them from Aztec ancestors? Or is there something else? Can Brazilian beauty to teach us how to make the buttocks bigger?

Fortunately Yes, it is.

Красивая попа

Brazilian women pay a lot of attention to their buttocks and make them focus when prioritizing when planning a workout. They often spend 30 minutes to work on the buttocks during each workout. This area does not develop at the end of the 45-minute session dedicated to your chest and back. All this time is only for the buttocks.

There is no secret about how to make the ass more. You should pay attention to common sense. To get gorgeous glutes, and above them it should just work. But you should wisely approach.

In this case, it means that you need to focus on the right area in the process of training instead of working on it from time to time.

Also, you must correctly complete all elements included in the program of exercises aimed at buttocks. You need to work with full return, you should provide the load to the desired area began to change for the better.

You must understand that the momentary pleasure from food can lead to long frustration. Control over your diet is a crucial factor when it comes to working on any part of the body, especially the buttocks. All inthat this area of women more problematic. In this area most often get fat, in fact, this is the first place in the body, nakaplivaetsya body fat. It is also the most prone to cellulite.

You need to know that you can't completely remove fat from any part of your body. Controlling your diet and exercise regime to burn extra calories, you can constantly and systematically to lose body fat throughout the body. Special training will make your buttocks toned, will help them to regain their shape and elasticity and also gain muscle tone.

Additionally, you must understand the importance of motivation that directs your thinking to achieve success. Goal setting, visualization and self-assessment are important elements that help to achieve the goal.

This article will assist you and explain in detail how to gain buttocks you are dreaming. Here you will learn about training, physiology, strategy, and the power of thinking aimed at the creation of Brazilian ass, regardless of where you were born. Also you can make a comprehensive meal plan that will help you to get rid of excess weight and demonstrate the fruits of their hard work – sexy buttocks that you will be able to show, appearing in the open swimsuit as often as you want.

No. 1. Learn about the structure of the buttocks

строение ягодиц, анатомия

Women's buttocks are the most attractive part of the body. Unlike other zones (with the possible exception of the chest) this area of women desperately seeking to increase. It is also the only area of the body, which may be strong and toned muscles. Yes, the buttocks – a continuous zone of contradictions. Let's take a little time and find out what they are.

The gluteus Maximus

It refers to the largest muscle group in your body and is a significant part of your buttocks. Its key feature is the ability to pull, push and rotate the legs. This muscle works in concert with the small gluteal muscles to ensure that you can perform these movements and also sitting.

Gluteus Medius

This muscle is located on the outer side of the pelvis. Her job is to support the pelvis in a stable position when you walk or keep your balance. Without such a stabilizer muscle of our walking would be shaky, as during intoxication.

Small gluteal muscle

As the name implies, this muscle is the smallest of the three and is located below the gluteus Medius muscle. It also helps you to maintain balance.

Threethe gluteal muscles play a key role in the overall health, strength and endurance. But only if we are working on them. In the absence of sufficient amounts of the necessary exercise our glutes can't function properly. When we sit at the computer, watching TV, or just walk, this area of our body is not working. Our sedentary lifestyle is to blame for the fact that we do not use the largest muscle group in the body. When we don't work on it, the tone of these muscles is reduced.

Because of this, other small muscle groups of your body function worse and tension take muscles in the lumbar region. Perhaps that is why the productivity in our society is reduced due to the tension in the spine. And mostly it is due to the shape of the gluteal muscles than with weak muscles.

Also suffer from this hamstring. A hamstring injury due to various incidents is the most common, and it is also associated with weakened muscles of the buttocks.

Your buttocks should be in good shape, if you want to restore the vitality of your body strength and endurance. But they need a great motivation for you to lick them into shape. And that requires specific physical exercises that are not easy. If you do exercise for the glutes, it engages other muscle groups. This is what happens when walking, running, climbing stairs and other things. Although exercise is good for feet in General, they do not focus specifically on the buttocks area.

The form of your priests is directly related to the tonus of the gluteal muscles. Weak, untrained muscles appear in the form of saggy, flabby and flat buttocks. If they are in good shape and constantly being strengthened, your ass will look round and firm. And what is the difference between these two cases?


Yes, exactly the muscle. They give your buttocks the shape, firmness and beauty. Increasing the burden on all areas of this zone, you will accelerate the growth of muscle cells and lead his ass in shape and you will find the answer to the question of concern to all women: how do I make the buttocks bigger?

Активируйте свои ягодичные мышцы

Activate your glutes

Many of the movements performed in the gym are potentially useful for the gluteal muscles. But only if you know how to activate them during operation. Squats, lunges, plank and push-UPS can strengthen and develop your glutes. However, many do not include such exercises in your complex. After reviewing them in detail, and an emphasis onthe area in progress, you can completely transform your workout and your butt.

The following set of special exercises will help you learn how to activate the area of the gluteal muscles to the maximum. This is the first important step in achieving your goal. You should feel working the right muscles. Probably at first it will not continue to perform such exercises every day, until you start to focus on the buttocks area. In this case, you will be able to extract from them the maximum benefit.

4 main exercise to activate the gluteal muscles

Lift pelvis supine

Lying on back with legs bent at the knees, lift your pelvis up, leaning on your heels. During the lifting strain of the gluteal muscles, straightening of the spinal muscles and hamstrings. You should feel tension in the buttocks, do not put it on your lower back. Hold this static position for sixty seconds.

Lift the pelvis up with one foot, relying on the cushion

Lying on your back, bend one leg and lift the pelvis up. The second leg should be based on a special cushion. Not shifting the pelvis to the side, tense the gluteal muscles. To raise the lower body up, your glutes should do most of the work. You do not need to bear weight on the lower back. Hold the position for sixty seconds then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Exercise Clam lying on your side

Lying on side, bend hips at an angle of 45 degrees, keeping heels together. The movement should come the gluteus Maximus, when you raise the leg. Perform each exercise for sixty seconds.

Exercise Hunting dog

Get on all fours, then extend your left arm while taking his back right leg. Do not strain the spine. Perform each exercise for sixty seconds, then repeat with the other leg.

These butt exercises designed specifically for you to be able to concentrate muscle tension in the desired area. If you mainly feel it in lower back and hamstrings, continue to do the exercises daily until you can concentrate on the area of the buttocks. Conduct this exercise every day will help you gain a habit which will assist in your goal.

№2 the way of thinking – how to develop it

The most important aspect in relation to how to make buttocks bigger has nothing to do with squats and other exercises for the thighs and buttocks. It is not about how to remove carbs from your diet. Obviously, all of thesethings are extremely important. But without the other crucial factor in all efforts and discipline will not lead to results.

To acquire the Brazilian butt of your dreams, you just need to change their thinking in respect of this issue. It may seem too simple and obvious. However, the main reason why many don't achieve their fitness goals, no matter what part of the body they need to develop, is that they lack the determination to follow through.

I wonder what all these people generally miss the section of training devoted to thinking. Perhaps they believe that they do not need, or skip this part, likely to get to the point.

This is a mistake.

If you are not able to develop the mindset that will help you consistently execute the program of training and nutrition each day, you will not achieve your goals.

In fact, if you do not know how to set goals, never achieve what was intended. Few people in the world know the secrets of the psychology of fitness and these include women with large buttocks. It's time for you to join them.

Become selfish

Mostly women worldwide do not reach their goals because of their selfless nature. They spend too much time on the needs of others – your children, spouse, boss, parents, so they just do not have time and energy to pay attention to yourself. Obviously, this is not conducive to productivity. After all, if you don't care about their health and wellbeing, it will lead to the worst, you'll just exhaust your potential.

Actually dedicating time every day taking care of your health, wellbeing and happiness, you both care about their loved ones. So you need to be a little selfish and set time priorities, giving time and buttocks.

Think positive

If you are like most people, your head appears approximately 60,000 thoughts daily. And these myriad thoughts, most of them (98%) are likely to be negative:

"I hate exercise".

"I can't give up those cream cakes".

"I'll never have such buttocks".

The mental conversation going on in your head during the day, plays a key role in your actions. In fact, most of us these thoughts are negative and have a big impact on what we can (and can not) achieve. But what would happen if you could consciously control your thinking, to banish negativity from your mind and set yourself on a positiveway. Guess what:

You can!

No one can take away from you your own thoughts, because control of it is you and not someone else. Of course, sometimes you can't take control of all thoughts, but your actions depend on you.

If you find a negative thought invades your fertile garden of positive thinking, you should consider it as a weed that should be immediately removed. First, these weeds are everywhere. But soon you will be able to form around a positive environment.

Don't let yourself to give in to bad thoughts, then you will be able to create for themselves a Foundation of success that will help you to achieve your goal. This will help you to use the most powerful driving force of all known human subconscious.

Work on the subconscious

Your thinking is like an iceberg. The part that rises above the water, is consciousness works during waking hours, at this time you think, talk, take in information through the senses and rationalizarea your experience. Massive invisible part of the iceberg represents the subconscious mind, which works, not based on logic. It saves an automatic reflex behavior, memory, and regulates all the automatic functions of the body. The subconscious mind is not able to filter or sort the information, it just accepts it and acts in accordance with it.

The subconscious mind works just like the cyborg in the Terminator films. Being programmed, it carries out specified program with ruthless determination and will not stop until we fulfill it to the end.

So, what messages emanate from the consciousness to the subconscious commands? These are the words that are repeated many times with emotional and energetic message. All the people who keep saying that are unable to do something, set yourself up for failure, in fact programming your subconscious. Even if they need to start working on the exercise program, and they know how to have perfect buttocks, their subconscious will find a way to nullify all the efforts.

Only after successfully completing Step 2, you can program your subconscious mind for success. Removing negativity from your consciousness, you find yourself in a favorable position, repeating the positive purpose of guiding and thinking about it for themselves. Reciting your goal as if it has already been done, you are exerting a powerful impact on your subconscious. For example:

I'm going to the beach in a Thong. My buttocks is round and firm and delicious. I like them.

Repeat this often and your subconscious will take the rest of the work. In fact, it iswill turn you into a cyborg, contributing to the achievement of your physical goals, in the same way as Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had to find Sarah Connor.

Setting goals – the right way

Imagine playing basketball with a blindfold. You know you need to hit the target, but can't see it. It is not clearly defined, and your chances to throw the ball into the ring is highly questionable.

The same thing happens in life. Without a clearly defined goal the chances of achieving your ambitions will be minimal. It's all in the subconscious, which guides you automatically through the motions. Setting goals will help you train him to a healthy diet, intense workouts and positive lifestyle has become to your body the usual.

The most powerful system in the world dedicated to goal setting, involves 5 distinct steps:

  1. Narrow down your goals: Instead of saying that you want to lose weight, say exactly how much weight you want to lose. What percentage body fat you should have? What should be equal to the girth of your biceps? Make your goal as clear as possible.
  2. All goals must be measurable: If you can't measure your progress, you will not be able to track it on the way to the goal. When it comes to weight loss, you need to use weights with the function of displaying the composition of your body. They will reveal information not only about how many pounds have you lost, but also about the amount of lost fat.
  3. Your goals is worth the effort: Instead of having to limit yourself with goals you can achieve now, set a global goal that you really want to approach. A big goal will motivate you to action and help you become better. As for the body of your dreams, find a photo which shows the body that you would like to have ideally, and plan your goals based on that.
  4. Set a realistic term of achieving the goals: All commercial ads promising quick getting rid of excess weight do not indicate the difference between loss of fat, muscle and fluid. The truth is that you can't lose more than 1-2 kg of fat mass a week. Keep this in mind when setting deadlines for your goals. So set a global task but make sure that they plan to implement them in real time.
  5. Divide the goal into step by step stages: a Small, achievable tasks, replacing each other on the way to your ultimate goal, will allow you to split a single global goal into several mini-steps that you should perform each day, week or month. This will help you to constantly monitor the task.Your daily goals should revolve around diet and training.

In General, you need to write down your goals on paper, make them specific, measurable, worthwhile, realistic, attainable tied to a deadline, each phase must end every day on the way to the big goal a year. Next you have to set a secondary task (for a period equal to three months) and record them on the card that you want to carry. Read the inscription on it at least 7 times a day, so you can keep in tune with your subconscious and make it work automatically.

Don't underestimate this one of the most important aspects on the path to creating large buttocks, because if you don't motivate yourself, don't do no other! Activate your subconscious is much more effective than you can imagine!

No. 3. Take the diet under control

Возьмите питание под контроль

Tycoons marketing could greatly complicate the food and turn it into something not very useful. Our ancestors knew what foods should be on the table for their families, they were not aware of the various fancy titles, for example, antioxidants and amino acids. They were able to obtain all the necessary substances and not gain weight.

Today we are feeding our family foods that our ancestors did not even take food. The more people intervene in the natural processes of food production, the more toxic it becomes food. To make foods taste better, they add substances which are not our body needs.

Do not eat processed foods

Processed food, particularly processed carbohydrates, are a whole list of health problems.

Below are 10 reasons because of which such products should be avoided at any cost:

  • They increase fat mass
  • They contribute to raising triglyceride levels
  • They reduce the amount of cholesterol
  • They suppress your immune system
  • They deprive the body of essential minerals
  • They increase the level of insulin
  • They can cause reactive hypoglycemia
  • They can cause tooth decay
  • They contribute to the emergence of diabetes
  • They are the cause of depression
  • Today you will stop to stuff the body of harmful processed food

How to do it:

  • Go to the kitchen and throw (Yes, throw) all the sweets: cookies, cakes, doughnuts, desserts, sugary cereals, and sugar. Do not be tempted to finish the already started products – just get rid of them!
  • Passpast a fast food restaurant. Tell yourself that they have no place in your life.
  • Buy a variety of fruits and vegetables with the money that you save, not to buy processed foods.
  • Forget about foods marked "Light", "Without fat", "low fat" — they are also banned.
  • Do not add food refined sugar.
  • Avoid all artificial ingredients, start to read labels.

Eliminate sugar

Not only processed foods prevent you to reach your goals, this also applies to sugar.

If you cannot avoid eating sugar, you will never be able to create large buttocks.

Sugar – the real silent saboteur who came to us diet when all attention was focused on eliminating fat. In the 90-ies of the fat has become a demon that promotes obesity. Food marketers have been marked down product labels reading "light", "low fat" and "No fat". The problem was that the fat provided foods their flavor, without the "Lite" products were completely tasteless. It was necessary to return the flavor and that's what happened in the future.

We now know that sugar is addictive. It has been proven that it affects the same pleasure centers in the brain affected by cocaine. If something makes us addictive, we start to use more and more similar products. This leads to exceeding the permissible limits, and in order to satisfy the cravings, we increase the number of such substances. When this is the case with sugar, we gain weight.

One of the main sources of sugar are sodas. You know they're bad for you, we also know that. However, they have the fact that some can't overcome. The average American drinks 597 cans of soda water, it is more than 1 ½ cans daily. Imagine that in the future, you eat 32 pounds of sugar obtained from 597 cans of soda. Did you know that sugar consumption in this liquid form causes your body to get fat faster in contrast to traditional sugars?

This is not easy to refuse, especially if you regularly consume carbonated water. Caffeine in the composition of this water increases its action. Abrupt withdrawal of soda can cause headaches in reaction to all the toxins that have accumulated in the body as a result of your habits.

Benefits of quitting drinking soda water are obvious. You will start to feel much better.

How to carry out this important task:

  • Buy a bottle, fillit plain water and always carry.
  • Fill empty bottle 17 teaspoons of sugar, stick to her a piece of paper with the words "Drink water" and put on the table. Type of sugar that is normally hidden in a soda can be a powerful incentive.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • A daily walk in the evening.
  • Get rid of the source. Stop buying unnecessary products, do not even come close to these shelves in the supermarket.

A simple deletion of carbonated drinks and fruit juices from your diet will allow you to lose about a pound a week. You should be angry at yourself. Don't settle for less, diet fizzy drinks have no place in your diet.

Keep the level of hydration

Your body consists of water by 50-70% depending on your age and the amount of fat and muscle mass. In muscle tissue contains more water than fat, without admission of water into the body, death occurs after only a few days.

Why is water vital for survival? The fact that this kind of solvent that processes other substances and carries nutrients throughout the body so that each organ can perform its work. Water is needed for excretion of the decay products from the body, digestion, ensure the environment for the biochemical reactions, regulating body temperature, and communication between cells, so we can perform their everyday activities.

Almost 75% of water in body contained in cells. The rest is in the plasma of the blood, the sweat, interstitial fluid, lymph and urine. The body, which receives enough e the amount of fluid is in equilibrium. If the cells have too little water, they simply die, if the amount of water in them exceeds the norm, it contributes to muscle damage. In order to create and maintain fluid balance in your body, there are special substances called electrolytes.

Electrolytes represent mineral compounds that, when dissolved in water, become electrically charged particles called ions. The main electrolytes are sodium, potassium and chlorine.

Under normal conditions, the composition of the fluid inside the cells contains more potassium than sodium and chlorine. In a liquid medium outside the cells, on the contrary more sodium and chloride than potassium. The cell wall is a semipermeable membrane, which can pass through some substances and not the others. Water molecules and small mineral substances pass through it freely unlike the larger molecules, such as proteins.

The process bywhich the flow of potassium and sodium are allowed to operate freely, is called the sodium pump. If it is stopped, then the sodium will accumulate inside the cells, this substance attracts water so the more sodium in the cell, the more and water. In the end, without the process of the sodium pump of the cell would burst and die. A similar process working steadily, prevents this imbalance.

If you are not getting enough water, your body will quickly let you know. The first sign is thirst, the second — a decrease in urination. If you do not pay attention to these signals, the tissue starts to dry out. Try to drink more water and your body will work much more efficiently.

How to solve this problem:

  • Choose the right water bottle. For example, you can stick it on her inspirational stickers. In other words, you need to be friends with it!
  • Drink water directly before eating.
  • Drink water, noting every action of your day when you get up, leave home, sit down at a table or go for lunch.
  • Freeze slices of lemon and orange and use them as ice cubes.
  • Set a goal to fully drink the whole bottle of water before you leave the office.

Increase the amount of water consumed increases your energy level, relieves fatigue, eliminates toxins, improves complexion, makes you stronger physically and promotes the loss of fat mass. Brazilian women also use this to make your buttocks bigger.

Food for muscles

Strong, round and firm buttocks consist of pumped up muscle. In order to develop them, you need to increase your intake of protein, which is the basis and the second most important component in your body after water. The protein responsible for the formation of muscle tissue. To make their buttocks bigger, you should eat foods with protein for muscle recovery after exercise.

The protein contained in red meat, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, tofu and to a lesser extent in plant foods. It will also be useful to include in the diet protein shakes that you can drink immediately after your workout. Make sure that the protein products constitute not less than 70% of the total daily intake of protein. Micronized whey protein powder delivers protein faster into the bloodstream and muscle cells.

To get the daily requirement of protein every day, take 1 gram for every pound of your body weight.

No. 4. Workout for buttocks

Тренировка для ягодиц

Brazilian butt look perfectly round, firm and toned. But suchthe buttocks are created by hard work. But what, exactly?

Strength training

Yes, strength training, perform a Brazilian beauty. We are not talking about squats several types included in the overall training program. They train with iron shells, focusing primarily on a specific area of the buttocks.

Rod and women are hard enough together, according to some people. This is because in some women there is a subconscious fear of becoming too beefy and masculine. The good news is that this is unlikely, even if you really want it. Special force projectiles are designed to create the body you wish to attain. And if you need large buttocks, using the strength exercises you will have the strength to create them, but it will take some effort.

In the female body contains only 10% of testosterone in contrast to men, this substance is responsible for increasing muscle mass. The number of muscles that you really can create is very limited. If you will not use the steroids (which we recommend not to take), strength training will transform your body into a pile of muscles. They will help you create a sexy, strong and firm butt.

Weight training vs cardio

Силовые тренировки против кардио

Ever since Dr. Kenneth Cooper coined the term “aerobics” back in the early 1970-ies, between fans of strength training and cardio sparked a real debate. With the onset of the boom of gyms, fitness centers was formed, the gender separation on the basis of these two types of exercises, which persists to this day. Walk into any gym in North America, Europe or Oceania and you'll see a clear boundary.

Women can meet in the gym for cardio, they do Jogging, walking or rowing with a light intensity and a relatively low resistance. Men, of course, occupy the area where the iron. Women – cardio, men strength training, it works.

If you're not in the gym Brazil.

There the women came to the conclusion that cardio workouts do not help you to get the desired shape. Is able to do exercises with weights that increase your stamina and make muscles stronger. If you want to create large buttocks, you'll need a strong and hardy muscles.

This means that cardio has no place in your training? Not quite. In addition to the formation of beautiful buttocks you will probably want to remove the extra fat deposits. Although you may notto remove fat from a specific part, a specific type of cardio exercise helps to burn calories in your entire body, which is important to achieve your goal. Most cardio exercises include footwork, cardio and high intensity affects the shape of the buttocks.

Our regular training will include a mixture of cardio exercises in an intense pace and strength training. Coupled with a focused program on weight loss, which we will show you how you can get rid of fat and gain beautiful Brazilian ass, which for so long dreamed of.

Weight training 101

If there is a secret to finding perfect round buttocks, then this is strength training. They allow you to control your body, to get rid of excess fat, preserve and build more muscle mass. Below are 4 reasons that prove why strength training will help you achieve your goal quicker than any other method:

  • Strength training intensely burn calories
  • Strength training allow you to change the shape of their buttocks (muscle)
  • Strength training increases strength and endurance, additionally, firm buttocks look sexy
  • Strength training increases flexibility in the pelvis and hips

Before you take iron, it is important to know how fast you need to train hard to achieve your goal. Here are three principles that you need to see, because they form the basis of your strength training.

Overload progression: usually you need to have a personal record that you want to perform during each workout. If you will exceed it, your body adapts to it. The cause of the overload could be a slight increase in resistance, it means that you make one or two additional snooze and reduce rest time between sets. In any case, you need to try to make the training better than last time.

The intensity of the exercise: during the exercise you are unlikely to want it to be too simple or on the contrary too heavy. If you find it difficult to perform the last 2-3 repeat in the same round, you will feel heaviness in the working muscles, as in this region will increase the blood supply. These are the last two and most difficult of repetition, which are the most effective.

Temp: it is about the speed of repetitions during training. Any exercise consists of two parts: the lifting phase (concentric) and lowering phase (eccentric). Studies have shown that both phases are equally effective for building and shaping your muscles. Effectivetraining includes two seconds to execute the concentric part of the movement and four seconds for the eccentric phase. Performing resistance during the descent, you will give the muscles a greater load.

Proper technique lifting

A gym is a great place where you can rediscover health and good physical shape. But if you don't know what you're doing, exercise can result in a whole range of trouble. There are a lot of heavy shells, and you can't just take the first and start training. First of all you need to know how to properly perform lifts. Here are the basic rules that will help you overcome the first training session.

The capture of rod: There are three types of grip, is intended for dumbbells, barbells and exercise machines with handles. Bronirovannyj (top), spinaroonie (bottom) and a mixed grip (one hand). While capturing top-down your palms should be facing down and thumbs be parallel to each other. When spinaround capture the palm facing up. All three of the grip needs to be closed, that is, the fingers should fully clasp the shell. The opposite of this is an outdoor engagement, which do not participate your thumbs. You should avoid using an open grip, as the shell can slip out of your hands, especially while lifting heavy weight. Width varies depending on the specific exercise that you perform. While for most of them the standard is a grip wider than shoulder width.

Lifting barbells: it is imperative to master the proper technique of lifting a barbell from the floor. You must observe the following rules:

  1. Stand in front of a barbell with feet located at shoulder width parallel to the floor. Socks should be slightly outward.
  2. Pull your stomach and straighten your back, then get down on your haunches in front of the bar.
  3. Hold the shell closed grip, hands positioned shoulder-width apart.
  4. Look up and make sure your back is straight and not rounded, the shoulders should be laid back and the chest forward.
  5. Hold the barbell closer to the body, slowly rise to a standing position. Lifting force should come from the hips, not the back.

Breathing: it is Not necessary to hold your breath while working with weights. In fact, you should just breathe naturally. Each approach must be performed on the exhalation and return to starting position on inhale.


Download rod: It's amazing, but many people forget about gravity when you change the weight of the rod. Raising the bar in the bench press, some newcomers decide to change the weight. They remove the disk from one end, not paying attentionthat rod will be raised unevenly. This kind of carelessness can deprive a man, standing next to the eye. Summary: When you shoot a disk at one end, it is necessary that someone took it from the other side. Always load the bar evenly.

Lock rod: Before you approach make sure that the discs fit snugly on the rod ends. Check again between the approaches because they can easily work loose during the lifting process.

Use the help of an instructor: If you have a partner in training, ask the instructor to help you. He should stand in front of you and be prepared to insure you when you perform the upgrade.

Do not rely on impulse: the Work required to do a specific muscles rather than the force of inertia or gravity. By reducing the weight on the count of four, for a moment, stop, and focus on the target muscles, using them to lift. When you are working on a machine with a weight stack, you must turn in work the right muscles during the repetitions.

Keep your body and your back straight: This will avoid rocking during movements, prevents deformation of the lower back and provide additional training to your press.

How to make the buttocks more – at home

Experts on fitness (which make money on the desire of women to make buttocks bigger) I would love to convince you that this goal can only be achieved in the gym. Well, it's time to forget about this myth.

Gyms can be convenient, but also greatly motivate visitors. But they can also become a serious problem when we are talking about the time to spend on waiting, until a suitable simulator or equipment. In addition, many women simply can not afford every day at home.

You can organize a very effective exercise for the buttocks at home. But for this you will have to invest in the necessary equipment. You will need:

  • Exercise Mat
  • Fitball

You should always pay attention to how you feel your muscles during the exercise. The most intense had to work the targeted muscles. You need all the time to concentrate and do the movement correctly from the first to the last repetition.

Home exercise for buttocks depends on the weight of the body during the exercise resistance. In other words you use as the weight of his own body, because it is the primary and often the most effective projectile for training.

This exercise should be carried out 3 times a week on different days. Other days you willto cardio for 6 minutes, this workout is under cardio for the glutes.


Warm-up: as a warm-up for training execute the movements presented in the section Activation of muscles. Bring them again:

  • Lift pelvis supine
  • Lift the pelvis up with one foot, relying on the cushion
  • Exercise Clam lying on your side
  • Exercise Hunting dog

Take 4 repeat for each exercise, keeping the muscle tension for 30 seconds.


1) Squat with body weight on the bench

  • Stand in front of a bench, which should be at the knees, feet apart slightly wider than shoulders.
  • Fold your arms across your chest, touching your fingertips to the opposite shoulder
  • Breathe deeply, when you fall into a squat, with the buttocks rearward. Your knees and spine should maintain a neutral position. Sit on a bench and then return to starting position. Tightly squeeze your buttocks while lifting.

Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

2) Lift pelvis up with one foot

  • Lie on your back, legs extended, hands positioned at the sides.
  • Pushing with the heel, lift your other leg bent at the knee, as high as possible. Not prohibite the lower back, the work should involve only the buttocks.
  • Hold your leg at the top for the 2-3 seconds.

Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

3) Plank

  • Lie on a Mat face down
  • Pull your body up, resting on outstretched arms (elbows should not be bent)
  • Your body should form a straight line
  • Tighten your quadriceps, abdominals and buttocks.

Hold this position for 60 seconds.

4) Bulgarian split squats with body weight

  • Stand in front of a bench, hands on hips.
  • Place your right foot on a bench behind you
  • Squat down until your right knee touches the floor
  • Return to starting position.

Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions for each leg.

5) leg Lift side-lying

  • Lie on your right side, straighten your legs, one should lie on top of another. The head support with the other hand.
  • Keeping leg straight, lift it up. The thigh should lie flat. Feel the tension in the buttocks.
  • Return to starting position.

Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each leg

6) Deep squat with body weight

  • Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, toes should be slightly turned outwards, fold your arms across your chest.
  • Descend down into a full squat, keeping your back straight
  • Squeezebuttocks in the process, then return to the starting position.

Perform 3 sets of 15 reps

7) leg Lifts on the exercise ball in a prone position

  • Lie down on the fitball face down, your hands and feet should be positioned parallel to the floor.
  • Lift your legs off the floor, then squeeze your buttocks and raise your legs as high as possible.
  • Hold this position for 2-3 seconds, then lower your feet back down

Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions


Doing such exercise for buttocks for 6 weeks, you will noticeably improve their appearance. You must pre-define the number of sets and reps. In the first week start with one then go to two during the second week, three in the third. During the fourth, fifth and sixth weeks add sets and reps in accordance with your progress.

Gorgeous glutes in the gym

Although your body is fully capable of providing you with everything you need for intense workouts, the gym features a large variety and number of options for exercises and potential for further development. The next 2 workouts will provide you with both. They are fully concentrated on the work on the buttocks, which, as you remember form the largest muscle group of your body. This means that working on this area, you will also burn extra calories.

You need to work out at the gym 2-3 times a week with a break for two or three days between workouts. These days you will do cardio, which will be discussed in the next section.

How to make the buttocks more: Training And

Warm-up: as a warm-up for training execute the movements presented in the section Activation of muscles. Bring them again:

  • Lift pelvis supine
  • Lift the pelvis up with one foot, relying on the cushion
  • Exercise Clam lying on your side
  • Exercise Hunting dog

Take 4 repeat for each exercise, keeping the muscle tension for 30 seconds.

Training And

1) Deep goblet squats

  • Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, toes slightly outward.
  • Hold one dumbbell at chest level. Keep your back straight and look up.
  • Descend into a full, deep squat. Make sure that your body is in an upright position. In this position the hips should be below the knee.
  • Pushes away from the knees during the movement
  • Return to starting position

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

2) href="http://bodybuilding.vsebolezni.com/stanovaya-tyaga-texnika-vypolneniya-i-osnovnye-vidy/#i-8">Romanian deadlift

  • To symmetrically hold the rod, grasp it, grip down at arm's length.
  • Then bend forward, your body should remain stationary and you should feel the tension in the hamstrings.
  • Return to starting position, squeezing your buttocks tightly.

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

3) rocking the weights

  • Stand in front of a projectile, bend your knees to pick him up. Lift it up, feeling the stretch back muscles and hamstrings.
  • With force swing the kettlebell to pass between the legs and then back. The impetus must come from the hips.
  • Arms should remain straight during the movement, no need to raise them.
  • Straighten your back and body after complete the required number of repetitions.

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

4) Lunges with body weight near the bench

  • Sit with your back to the bench, feet resting on the floor.
  • The shoulders should lean on the bench during the lift, the push comes from the heels. Raise your hips and buttocks up.
  • In the top position, your hips should be angled 90 degrees to the floor.

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3.

5) a Bridge with a barbell

  • Sit on the Mat, stretch your legs straight rod must be positioned over them
  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Take the rod to balance the situation
  • Heels starting from the floor, lift your hips up, hold the barbell with your hands at this level
  • Return to starting position

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

How to make the buttocks more: Training In

1) Squat with barbell on shoulders

  • Put the rod on your shoulder. Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder level.
  • Keep your back and body straight, raise your chin up. Tighten the press, bend your knees and lower yourself into a squat. Feet should be positioned parallel to the floor.
  • To avoid excess stress on the knees, do not squat too deeply. Staying insquat, hold your back straight.
  • Pushes the heels from the floor to return to its original position.

Perform 1 set of 12 repetitions for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

2) Walking lunges

  • Choose a pair of light dumbbells (2-5 lbs) and put them in front of you, you must be a space with a length of about 9 feet
  • Stand between the dumbbells and bend down to make the grip
  • Lift the dumbbells, hold them down during the movement, keeping your back and body straight
  • Make a big step and lunge. During the movement concentrate on the gluteal muscles for maximum effect
  • Pushing with the feet, continue with the walking lunges to a predetermined distance

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

3) Climbs on the bench with dumbbells

  • Grab a pair of dumbbells
  • Stand in front of a bench height of about 3-6 inches. Put her right foot, left foot remains on the floor
  • Stand on the bench, pushing with the heel from the floor
  • The toe of the other foot should touch the bench while lifting
  • Return to starting position, keeping right foot on the bench
  • Repeat several times for each leg

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

4) assignment of the legs in the direction of the cable pull

  • Adjust the weight of the simulator
  • Slide the mounting foot
  • Step away from the rack to create tension on cable
  • Shift your weight to the right foot while taking left to the side
  • Hold this position, feeling the tension of the muscles of the inner thigh
  • Return to starting position
  • Repeat movement for other leg

Perform 1 set of 15 reps for the first 2 workouts, increasing the number to 3 approaches at the end of Week 3. Gradually increase the resistance.

5) Clam lying on your side

Lying on side, bend hips at an angle of 45 degrees, keeping heels together. The movement should come the gluteus Maximus, when you raise the leg. Perform each exercise for sixty seconds.

No. 5 Cardio for the glutes

Your exercises resistance aimed at creating a firm and beautiful buttocks. But if you have fat deposits in this area, all efforts will be in vain. Cardio workout is designed to get rid of excess fat.

What type of cardio to burn calories? Thisthe issue has been discussed for decades. However, a number of recent studies could clarify it a little bit and prove that a short cardio session (for example, sprint on the track) has more advantages than prolonged exercise (such as walking on a treadmill). Such exercises not only burn more calories in the process of their implementation, but also extend your metabolism, which helps burn fat within 24 hours, even when you're just watching TV.

Quick cardio or HIIT (high intensity interval training) can make you much stronger. An added bonus is that it will allow to reduce time of training. In fact in this program you will only operate for 6 minutes.

HIIT for buttocks

Follow these simple steps to your exercise for big buttocks have been most effective:

  • Select exercises that will allow you to work with maximum speed and for a short time (a quick run on the treadmill, Cycling, using a rowing machine etc
  • Make sure you have before your eyes is a timer, or invite a partner
  • Take a slow 2 minute warm-up
  • Do Jogging for 20 seconds at maximum intensity (you can imagine that for you being chased by a Doberman!)
  • Relax for 10 seconds
  • Repeat the process, dividing it into 8 approaches
  • That's it!

For training to be effective, you need to maintain the intensity of the sprint. You can slightly slow down the speed during the last two or three approaches, but in General the rate should keep at the maximum level.

It's hard work, but short-lived. Just 6 minutes you will be able to pass incredibly useful cardio exercise, the effect of which will last all day.

All of the training described above, you need to perform three times during the week. Perfect fit for this Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Good luck!

No. 6. Your beautiful buttocks in the future

Congratulations. Now you are armed with all the necessary knowledge that will help you create the perfect Brazilian ass. But this is not enough. If you enter in 78% of the readers of fitness books, please explore the information and...

Nothing is going to do with it!!!

Do not be like them.

Use all the tools that are now at your disposal to create the body you deserve.

It's hard enough to do fitness my whole life. We are busy, we have a lot of other things, so it is easier for us to go back to old habits, those that contributed to the current appearance of your buttocks, which you so desperately want to improve.The following tips will help you keep motivated.

1) Dedicate your plans to family members

Incorporating fitness into the way of life your family members, you will make them most useful gift of all. Lift them off the couch and get out to walk in the fresh air. Ride along on bikes, take a hike, combined with a picnic. Instead of letting your children spend time playing computer games, buy them a soccer ball!

2) don't take criticism seriously

Sometimes you will encounter people who are dismissive, and perhaps critical, will be treated to your desire to make buttocks bigger and improve the shape of your body. No need to worry. Their criticism is the cause of uncertainty from the fact that you are happy, so do what you think is right to do.

3) Focus on present tense

If you look at their global objectives from the outside, they can seem daunting or even unattainable. You will not be able to create the perfect Brazilian ass after one or two weeks of training. Keep the motivation and keep doing the same thing. You need to focus on the present moment. Make a short-term goal: workout, daily diet and cardio.

4) Accept the error

Sometimes you will make mistakes. This can be a stressful day, when you drive around the city and can't resist not to look at McDonald's. Or perhaps you miss a few workouts. Do not try to fix the situation. Just go back to your regular routine a day later.

5) Sometimes indulge in

Set a goal that needs to be completed within a month, and then arrange a small vacation. Your goal might revolve around your workouts, the level of body fat or nutrition plan. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that your reward should not be focused on food. Buy a CD or a book is a great way of motivation.

The programme will encourage you to constantly do at the gym. You will find a sports figure as well as legs and glutes, have dreamed of and considerably enhance your stamina. You have a huge amount of energy, significantly improves mood and self-esteem will soar to the heavens. You'll look and feel great. Now that you know how to achieve your goal, you have to take the first step!

Our program is to create a larger buttocks can completely transform your life...but only if you make the first step to action and continue the hard work. Because what is the point to achieve the goal and stop. To get more benefits, to achieve the goals andto move forward, this is the essence of life.

Good luck, good health and success!