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Lack of sleep provokes weakness and obesity

Lack of sleep is the cause of low small effectiveness of training.

Almost every regular visitor of gyms know that after a bad sleep training will not bring the expected positive results. Recent studies in this area have proved that a significant role in the Association of sleep deprivation and chronic diseases have obesity and mental state.

That lack of sleep triggers the development of chronic diseases, doctors have known for a long time. But the new research established a direct link between mental health, obesity and the development of various diseases.

"The center for disease control and prevention" conducted a study of survey data of more than fifty thousand people. It was discovered that people, for a long time sleeping less than seven hours or more than nine hours, more prone to diabetes, stroke or coronary heart disease.

The journal "SLEEP" published the results of a study of the survey data. It has been proven that the causes of poor sleep is largely affected by frequent anxiety and obesity.

In this case, clearly outline the situation the words of the President of the American Academy of sleep medicine (AASM): "a Short sleep or too much sleep linked to chronic diseases, and partially this can be explained by obesity and mental suffering which is a new variable of this equation".

About the real causes of poor sleep in a certain situation it is quite difficult to judge even for the experts. Sometimes lack of sleep can lead to the development of obesity. In turn, excess weight can cause shortness of breath during sleep, and bad breath, significantly reduces the quality of sleep. Since healthy sleep helps the body regenerate itself, respectively, with poor sleep the body is weakened.

About the benefits of healthy sleep and the doctor says Badr, "But in fact, we should emphasize that short sleep is not healthy. People should get seven to eight hours of sleep a day."

According to Dr. Badr about healthy sleep should think and young people. Despite the fact that the survey was attended by people from forty-five years and older, lack of sleep can have a negative impact on young organisms. Early formation of incorrect habits of sleeping can cause long-term negative consequences that impact on health not the most positive way.

This is why we need to start forming healthy sleep, starting at a young age. Healthy and sound sleep helps the body to relax and recover fully. From habits laid down in youth, depends on the state of health in adulthood and old age. Even peopleadulthood can try to build the quality of your sleep by following this healthy habits.

Some useful guidelines will help to establish healthy sleep:

— do not spend time in front of the computer shortly before bedtime and immediately before bedtime;

— you need to avoid looking at before going to sleep assists that cause strong emotions;

— it is recommended at night to read soothing literature;

before going to sleep you can listen to relaxing music;

— when you long to fall asleep you need to go to bed early and try to relax.

If over a long period to comply with these recommendations, you can develop the habit of healthy sleep. For the formation of any habit requires not less than twenty-one days. If all these recommendations are powerless in dealing with lack of sleep, may need medical treatment or assistance of a therapist.