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Harmful proteins? Harm and side effects protein.

By itself, the protein is residues of amino acids to the protein of vegetable or animal origin. It is known that for the correct functioning of the body needs proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. Protein is also often used for exactly these correlations instead of the usual meat.

People in such sports as bodybuilding come for different purposes – to make the body slender and strong or a "pump up". And in that and in other case, the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, respectively, and protein should be increased. Many people are afraid of side effects from the use of a protein can be whey or soy. These fears were groundless, because protein is a completely natural component of food. The only side effect is Allergy, which is manifested in the form of a rash. Such cases are rare, and testify only about the individual intolerance of soy or whey protein. We can't all drink 2 litres of whole milk without the unpleasant consequences...

Pure protein – complex of many amino acids that are not only important to create and build muscle, but also for proper protein synthesis. Muscles don't grow at all if deficiency of valine and leucine, protein synthesis slows down. Take it in the form of drugs and cocktails should be in accordance with loads of workouts, as the surplus must somehow be neutralized.

Protein should not overdo it. How true is this statement?

Naturally, the measure is important in everything. Protein poisoning can occur in humans that the sport is irrelevant, and the protein is not used even once in life. It all depends on your individual body, lifestyle, and other factors. Taking protein preparations according to the certain scheme about side effects, you should not think about.