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Butt exercises at home

There are many exercises for buttocks at home to give them elasticity and firmness. The most famous of them are squats. They allow you to maintain a priest in good shape, suitable to run at home, but very quickly bored. To do them solo quite boring.

Much more interesting to do twin and other kinds of squats. They are much more effective than the usual that after some time you just don't want to do because of their monotony. To achieve the desired results, you need to go beyond the normal and not be confined to sit-UPS. An excellent tool for this will be presented to the training, aimed at giving the buttocks of elasticity, which have never been bored.

A set of exercises

Chelsea DornanPresented the training's excellent for home, does not require a partner or the use of special equipment. The author of the complex is an American personal trainer Chelsea Dornan, National Academy of Sports Medicine, located in new York.

General guidelines

  1. complete training in the presented sequence;
  2. repeat each exercise for 45-60 seconds;
  3. approaches must be done not less than three;
  4. for ease of performing some of the exercises use gym Mat.

If you follow these simple rules, your buttocks will become firmer and toned.

Exercise first "Bridge on one leg"

Мостик на одной ноге

Performed lying on the back. Knees are bent, feet are shoulder width apart. One leg stretched out and then lift.

Breathing out, squeeze glutes, lift the outstretched leg as high as possible and stay in this position and then lowered. It is important not to touch the floor with the buttocks.

Provide multiple approaches for each leg without dropping it on the floor.

Exercise second Strokes with stretching of the legs"

Взмахи с вытягивание ноги

Running on all fours. Feet located at shoulder width. Wrists and shoulders form one line.

Left knee up, foot performs the swipe left and delayed the regulation, going back to the source.

Do a few repetitions, change the leg.

Exercise the third "rainbow"

Упражнение Радуга

Take similar second exercise starting position.

Left foot pull back and slightly withdrawn to the left. Stretch the sock.Ensure that legs and back was on the same level.

Lower the straightened leg, toes touching the floor. Back in the original position, thus clamping the gluteus Maximus.

Similar movement, but diverting to the right side, the leg is lowered. Take its original position.

Do a few repetitions, change the leg.

The fourth exercise, "Attacks"


Performed from a standing position. Feet apart on shoulder width, hands are on hips.

Right leg step right, bend it at the knee, reaching to the floor. For correct execution of the "attack" make sure that the knee with the ankle were on the same line.

Stay in the accepted position, make swing the right leg forward as far as possible.

Doing a few repetitions at first for one leg and then another.

The fifth exercise is "High squats"

Высокие приседания

Be right. Feet located at shoulder width. The left heel slightly raised. To increase the load, the foot can completely "detach" from the floor, and the leg is brought forward.

Doing squats so that your buttocks is parallel to the floor, his knees formed a line with the toes.

Squat, delayed the regulation, rely on right heel, return to starting position.

First squat with a slightly raised left heel, then right.

Exercise sixth "swinging the knee up

Взмахи коленом вверх

Getting on all fours. Wrist with feet located at shoulder width. The knees are a little bent, but not touching at the same floor, and legs extended.

Left knee bent at a right angle. Without straightening his legs, squeeze the glutes and raise the right heel as high as possible. The adopted posture linger for a few seconds, straighten the left knee to the starting position.

Perform several repetitions, the leg change.

Exercise seventh "Swing"


Be straight, put feet on one level with the shoulders. The right foot put forward.

Left knee bent, straining the abdominal muscles, lean forward, keeping your left leg in line with spine. Hands touch the floor, stay in the accepted position.

Assume the initial position. Make a few approaches, I repeat the same procedure for the other foot.

The eighth exercise is "Squats on his toes"

Приседания на носках

Donestanding. The distance between the feet should be almost twice wider than shoulder width and toes slightly pointed.

Keep knees over ankles, muscles straining, squat. The buttocks should be parallel to the floor. Slightly raise your heels.

Trapped in an extreme position, and then taking the original.

The ninth exercise is "Squats sumo

Приседания сумо

Performed from a standing position. Feet on width of shoulders, socks and rotated slightly forward.

Squats make your knees ankles formed with one line. Stop, squatting, doing on the heels of the feet unfold out to the sides at forty-five degrees.

Take the original position and do several repetitions.

According to the materials: cosmopolitan.com