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Exercises for training the biceps

The size of the biceps plays an important role for the shape of the athlete. To achieve significant results, it is necessary not only to work hard on the development of the biceps, but also to choose the right exercises for this purpose. Every beginner in bodybuilding, you must consider that your biceps look good only when muscular and well developed the rest of the muscles of the body. Biceps should be in proportion to the rest of the muscle size. To focus solely on training the biceps to the detriment of the rest of the musculature impossible. All muscle groups must be worked equally, and exercises on the biceps, giving the load mostly on him, become part of the overall training of an athlete.

Training biceps and its value

Not only focus on the development of forms of biceps, but also increase hand strength. Significantly increases achievement in performing the bench press, deadlift and other exercises. This is true for many sports, the emphasis and burden which are made to work hand.

The implementation of the training on the development of the biceps at home

The conditions in which we train novice bodybuilders. Not always and not all have the opportunity to visit the gym. Lack of access to the gym does not mean that training should stop at all. There are many exercises that can without any problems to implement in the home. These include pushups.

This exercise is aimed at the study of the biceps and involves the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulder girdle. Its implementation does not require large space or special equipment. To increase the load, if such a need exists, on your back wearing a backpack, which put the cargo.

Training with weights

Exercises with dumbbells allow easy and effective way to pump up your biceps. Run them both in the gym and at home.

Bending of hands with dumbbells

1Performed using conventional dumbbells. Give the maximum result if they are to do on the chair. The drill is pretty simple:

  1. sit on a chair;
  2. take the dumbbell;
  3. bend, and then unbend your elbows, holding weights (dumbbell).

Beginners are recommended to perform 8 to 12 repetitions. When the repeats are easy, the weight of the dumbbells should be increased. The number of recommended approaches is 3 times.

Hands bend on the exhale, unbend on the breath. To do this exercise with different arm positions. They can be on weight, elbow to lean on the upper area of the hip or knee. Position can be alternated. Importantly, flexion and extension of hands in slow, not fast. If you do not follow this "rule", on the biceps will not be the maximum degree of load.

The exercise is quite simple but effective. The lifting of the dumbbells from a seated position fully activates the right muscle, work out and train her.

Hammer rise

Молотковый подъем гантелейDirected to pumping and the formation of the lateral part of the biceps, runs with dumbbells:

  1. stand up straight;
  2. hand weights — dumbbells down at sides;
  3. the fingers unfold to the thighs;
  4. dumbbells, changing hands raise to shoulder.

The number of repetitions as in the previous exercise (8-12), and approaches — 3.

For proper hammer performance lifting need to ensure that the legs are not springy, the back stayed smooth, his elbows have not moved forward. Burden should be directed solely to the biceps muscle. When one hand is raised, the second strain and slightly bend at the elbow.

The arm in the extreme position hold for a second or two. If the exercise doesn't come easy, acceptable, slightly bend the back. You should consider the fact that throughout the exercise it needs to be fixed in one position. You need to look ahead, not down or up.

Raise the arms can be alternately or simultaneously both. In the latter case, the workload will increase. Regardless, it is necessary to control the dumbbells pushed out solely by force of arms, without the assistance of body or legs.

Hammer lift — this exercisesuitable for both experienced athletes and beginner bodybuilders. "Hammer" trains such as the biceps and contributes to the uniform development of the brachioradialis muscles. Thus, both these groups of muscles look proportional to each other.

турник бицепсTraining on the horizontal bar

When this apparatus is in the yard or home, performing pull-UPS it will be a great exercise for developing biceps. Pull-UPS can be with reverse, and straight grip. To get noticeable results, you need to do at least three approaches. The number of repetitions in each set varies from 10 to 15 times.

To increase the load should only be done when the pull starts easy. This can be done by hanging extra weight to the feet or increase the number of repetitions. To get the most out of pull-UPS, arms fully straightened.

General guidelines

To perform a pull-up, the "hammer" and curl with dumbbells, you must not jerks, but gradually. This will allow you to evenly work all my muscles, to get the desired result as quickly as possible. All of the exercises can be done at home without visiting the gym, and reward the hard work will become bulky biceps, that make the figure of a bodybuilder not only proportional, but also beautiful.

Training biceps in the gym

In the gym to pump up your biceps can be significantly faster. This is because a bodybuilder has the ability to do more exercises, not three or four. A special role is played by the trainers and equipment available to the athlete at the gym. They allow you to work on individual pieces, and over all the biceps muscle.

Coach will always advise a beginner athlete how to create effective training and insure when performing complex exercises. If at home to do a concentrated lift for the development of the biceps with maximum weight of dangerous in the gym this exercise can be safely included in the training program.

Effectively develop the muscles is possible only when the exercises are done without cheating, that is sacrificing technique in favor of the number of repeats.

Подъемы штанги стояThe lifting of a weight standing

The gym is a great place to work with great weight. To raise it at home is not recommended. When there is no experienced coach to accompany the athlete to no one. In the gym does not have this problem and lift the maximum weight possible without risking injury.

Raising the bar standing up is a basic exercise for the biceps and is considered the most effective for increasing both the volume and power:

  1. Grif rod to take grip on the bottom, positioning hands at shoulder width;
  2. raise sports equipment through reduction of the biceps.

If the bodybuilder is trying to raise the bar as high as possible, arms are carried forward. This is unacceptable, since the load will move to the Delta, and will not be on the bicep.

Bending of the hands on a flat bench

To perform the exercise, sit on a decline bench, take a dumbbell. His back pressed against the headboard, feet to the floor. Bending your elbows, lifting them in turn. When the arm is lifted to the maximum, the brush unfold to itself as possible. Importantly, the elbows have not moved forward.

Raising the bar on the Scott bench

Поднятие штанги на скамье СкоттаThe Griffon undertake medium reverse grip, allowing the best to work out the biceps muscles. To focus all the load on the biceps allows finding his shoulders for support. Exercise is most effective impact on the lower part of the bicep. In those cases, when the athlete feels a strong tension in the area of the wrist, the rod with the usual fretboard is permissible to replace the shell with the figure. Another alternative embodiment is the use of dumbbells.

Exercise performed in 3 sets. In each of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Training on the bench and with a barbell can be performed without equipment. To achieve rapidresult and maximum benefit from the exercise if the possibility of using these devices is that they necessarily must use.

Exercises on simulators

Complex training for inflating biceps will be complete if it includes a study of the musculature using exercise equipment. This will allow to increase the productivity of training.

Сгибания рук на тренажере с использованием нижнего блокаBending of hands on a simulator using the lower block

  1. stand in front of the simulator;
  2. take a reverse grip for the handle of the lower block;
  3. bending your elbows, pull the handle towards the shoulders;
  4. return to the starting position.

So the whole load was only on the biceps muscle, elbows pressed to the body. An alternative option would be to use ropes. The bent fingers, if the exercise is performed on the ropes, needs to be directed at each other.

Сгибания в кроссовереBending at the crossover

Standing straight, feet set shoulder width apart. Hands hold the handle of the projectile, pull them to the top. When the hands are straightened, they should be tense, the load is completely lowered. On the inhale hands unbend, and on the exhale — bend. The recommended number of repetitions is 8-12 times. Approaches do from 1 to 2.

Most of the bending in the crossover is performed as the final exercise.

Recommendations for an effective workout on the biceps

The key to success lies in properly organised training sessions. This allows you to avoid injuries and excessive fatigue. If the athlete visits the gym every day, exercise for pumping up the biceps is performed through time. "Day off" allows the muscles to recover.

Proceed to the lesson after the warm-up. Otherwise, the probability of tendon rupture. If the athlete feels the need to focus solely on the biceps, this training should be conducted no more than once a week.

An intense workout can not be performed daily. The athlete needs to arrange a one day break from classes. It is possible to devote to the sauna or Russian bath-house.