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Tribulus, Terrestris, the plant men

Terrestris, Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris – is Latin – barbed vine) known to the people as a medicinal plant for a long time. In Ancient Greece this plant was used as diuretic and tonic. In India it is used as an antiseptic. The Chinese believed that "thorny vine" a generic drug and was treated with it, the kidneys, liver, heart and other organs. In the Balkans it was used as a cure for infertility in men.

The abundance of data on the use of Tribulus of Terrestrial as medicine strongly suggests its usefulness to humans. Tribulus, Terrestris rich in many active substances. It contains alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins (including protodioscin and many others. Will grow Tribulus, Terrestris in the tropics and temperate zones in Africa, South Asia, southern Europe, Northern Australia. Upon consumption, it is important to know where and in what conditions has grown this plant.

In Western countries about "thorny vine", until recently, did not know. Up until 1980-ies in the United States were published the works of famous Chinese healers Jong ("the Guide to Chinese herbs and recipes, Hong, Hsu and Chen ("Chemical composition of Chinese herbs"). After these books, Terrestris Tribulus became known in the West, and the preparations obtained were used as medicines.

Athletes involved in bodybuilding, drew attention to this plant after it became known that many athletes in the East use it during the preparation for the Olympic games and world Championships. Growth attention especially was facilitated by the fact that some of the athletes who took drugs from the Tribulus of Terrestrial, took first place at competitions of such high rank. Currently the plant Tribulus Terrestris is widely known throughout the world.

The principle of supplementation with Tribulus Terrestrisa

Effect of Tribulus of Terrestrial on the human body based on the increased production of testosterone. In its effects it resembles the action of the hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and Androstenedione, however, the mechanisms of this influence are different. Hormones DHEA and Androstenedione are kind of "raw material" forthe production of testosterone in the body, while Tribulus, Terrestris increases the content in the body luteinizing hormone, with the participation of which produce testosterone. Numerous studies have confirmed that "thorny vine" significantly boosts testosterone in the human body.

Experiments and research with Tribulus Terrestrisa

Western researchers have conducted experiments with individuals pigs, completely devoid of libido (sexual desire). Prototypes within a few days along with food received Tribulus, Terrestris. In the result of the study it was found that sexual activity of pig-males has increased dramatically.

In Canada and the United States were tested with the aim of establishing the influence of the Tribulus of Terrestrial on the production in the male body luteinizirutee hormones. In the test batch were selected, healthy men, who for some time took a daily 750 mg of drug prepared from "thorny vines". According to the study, the number luteinizirutee hormones within the body of the subjects increased on average by 75%. The level of testosterone thus increased by 40%.

Similar tests were conducted on a group of men with impotence. As we know, male impotence is caused by the low level of the testosterone produced in the body. The lack of testosterone causes the male body's inability to produce seminal fluid (semen). A group of men participating in studies for some time taken daily 750 mg. of the drug Tribulus Terrestris. Studies have found that the body the vast majority of men have increased testosterone levels and luteinizirutee hormones.

Correlation of muscle growth with testosterone

It should be borne in mind that increasing the level of luteinizing hormone and testosterone not all men cause a noticeable muscle growth and increased physical condition. And this is understandable. Testosterone and luteinizing hormones are not directly related to muscle growth.

In General, I must say that the reception of such drugs should be treated with caution. Many young athletes involved in bodybuilding for a long time and took all this time, steroid drugs, have achieved a magnificent, muscular body. However, the fees were too expensive. They have stopped the natural metabolism of testosterone and luteinizing hormones. Now these people, to compensate the missing testosterone, have to constantly take drugs that stimulate its production.

Tothe same effect of Tribulus of Terrestrial on the human body are not fully understood. The influence of drugs Tribulus was studied mainly on people with reduced metabolism of testosterone or other deviations in health. The action of the drug on the body of a healthy male, with normal production of testosterone and luteinizing hormones, in many ways still is a mystery.

The sellers of food supplements based on the Tribulus of Terrestrial, often claim that their proposed drugs rid of many diseases, increase potency, increase muscle mass, etc. These statements are not without truth. However, you should know that you would be unlikely to increase the mass and strength of muscles only one receiving Tribulus Terrestris. To achieve great results in increasing muscle volume and physical strength, it is necessary simultaneously with Tribulus to take a nutritional Supplement containing Androstenedione and DHEA and train hard in the gym.


How to take Tribulus

We recommend you to take supplements containing Tribulus Terrestris courses. This condition is necessary to fulfill particularly if you've decided to take it concurrently with the DHEA, Androstenedione and other similar drugs.

What does it mean to take courses? This means that when taking nutritional supplements should alternate periods of eating with periods of abstinence. Experts recommend limiting the time of admission six weeks. This requires intense training in the gym, otherwise significant increase in muscle mass will not happen. You need to keep in mind that increasing the time taking more than six weeks, you run the risk of harm to their health. In addition, the maximum dose of supplementation with Tribulus should not exceed 1250 milligrams a day. For the average male is considered optimum dose of 750 milligrams. Remember that health is above all.

Side effects from the use of Tribulus of Terrestrial

Speaking of food supplements, containing based on the plant Tribulus Terrestris, should be said about the side effects that can take place at their reception.

Chief among these is indigestion. This side effect occurs quite often in men, bodybuilders with simultaneous supplementation of Tribulus. Most often it is caused by an incorrect dosage or supplements its low quality. So before you start taking any supplements, stimulating the production of testosterone, including Tribulus, contains Terrestris, consult your doctor, trainer and friends who have experience of receiving such funds. In addition, buy only the products which you are sure andonly those companies that have proven themselves as a reliable supplier of medicinal additives.


Strongly not recommended the use of products containing the herb Tribulus, Terrestris, little children and women, especially pregnant and nursing infants. We must remember that "barbed vine increases the production of testosterone which is male hormone. Contraindicated Tribulus, Terrestris and men who have hypertrophy of the prostate.

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