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Tony Freeman — Figure fantastic scale

Anthropometric data

  • Height: 188 cm
  • Competition weight: 129 kg
  • Weight in the offseason: 138 kg
  • Bicep circumference: 58 cm
  • Chest circumference: 137cm
  • Waist circumference: 81 cm
  • Hip circumference: 81 cm
  • Lower thigh: 48 cm

Tony Freeman is one of the popular bodybuilders that is known around the world as an X-man. He was born in South bend, Indiana, August 30, 1966. His nickname Tony received thanks to the magnificent piece that is very similar to the letter X – an incredibly narrow waist (only 76 cm), very broad shoulders and huge hips. Freeman is very entertaining biography in the field of sports career. As a teenager, he was against bodybuilding. But decided the case. Beloved Tony lived in another city, and the future athlete was jealous of her for all men. When she showed Freeman a photograph of a friend, addicted to bodybuilding, Tony became furious and decided to prove that he could have done more. Thus began his career.

Tony Rimini Bodybuilding

Tony became hard to do. His success is staggering — just six years he increased the weight by almost 20 lbs. In the early ' 90s, Tony began participating in Junior tournaments AAU, and in 1990 took the 4th place in the competition "Mister America". After 3 years, he was the best among Amateurs and among juniors NPC. Before Freeman, there was an excellent prospect, but, unfortunately, above 4th place, he couldn't stand up.

In 1996, Tony has ceased to participate in competitions. As reported by official sources, the culprit was a chest injury received in a couple of months before the championship of the United States. In the end, he ceased to be interested in the performances and decided to live a normal life. Until 2000, Freeman did not agree to surgery, not trusting the doctors. But still the familiar plastic surgeon convinced Tony that can do the recovery operation without any unfortunate consequences. Indeed, the operation was a great success, and a year later the athlete was able to return to the podium. In the championship of the Coastal USA Championships , he was awarded 2nd place. It did not suit Freeman, and in 2002 he was able to win first place in super heavy weight category. A year later he was given "professional" statusThe International Association Of Bodybuilders.

During his career, Tony Freeman 9 times received the title of champion. As for the "Mr. Olympia", and here he was lucky – higher than 5th place, he couldn't stand up. But given his ambition and willpower, it is possible to count on the fact that X-man ever to occupy the top pedestal on most popular competition in the world of bodybuilding.