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Stuart Mcrobert

Life journey of Robert Stuart Mcrobert, author of books and articles about bodybuilding, the founder of the world relevant magazine Hardgainer, started in the UK, the home of the Beatles, in 1958.

In 1973, simultaneously with the education he begins to walk to the gym and almost at the same time becoming the author of many articles on the subject. When he was 23, his work was first printed. At the same time his essay was printed in the magazine for bodybuilders Iron Man. During these years, he leaves his homeland and moved to the island of Cyprus. There he continues his work, earning his living by lessons in English for local students.
When he was 31 years old, he founded his own publishing house and began publishing Hardgainer magazine, which lasted 15 years until July 2004.

After the closure of the magazine, Stewart has not ceased to engage in creative activities and began to implement it in other ways. It creates and maintains its own website on the Internet, wrote and published 5 books (in 1991, 1996, 1998, 2001 and 2996). Not to deprive his attention, and logs from time to time appear in his essays on strength training advice to novice bodybuilders and those who are engaged in a long time.
Stewart continues to live in Cyprus, he is married and has two children. Recently I became interested in philosophy.

In their articles the main attention he pays to people that will never become bodybuilders by nature. They are for those for whom high results in sport elusive, whose nature is not initially laid. He is in his own experience that the majority of publications in journals and books existing nowadays, are not designed for this category who want to play sports.

In his publications he pays great attention to traumatic moments. Mcrobert describes how to correctly perform various exercises and dismantle the most common incorrect moments in their implementation. Stewart insists that we need to start with weight training can effortlessly raise. He advises to increase the load gradually to avoid mishaps. The author also insists that we should not neglect at least a small workout in order to avoid those same injuries.

Thousands of people around the world seek to follow his tips training, training on the system.