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The content of antioxidants is higher in popcorn than in fruits and vegetables

In the popcorn – very popular snack for intercepting on the move, and while watching the movie, the scientists not so long ago was found a high content of antioxidants – polyphenols, exceeding a similar indicator in fruits and vegetables. Doctor of philosophy from Pennsylvania Joe Vinson has become one of the first scientists to engage in research and analysis of the healthy components in most common foods, including nuts and chocolate. The scientist explained that the concentration of polyphenols in popcorn is enhanced by low content of water in it. Only about 4% of liquid contains popcorn compared to fruits and vegetables, consisting of her not less than 90 %.

Especially a lot of antioxidants and fiber became concentrated in the skin of the popcorn, not so beloved because of her habit to get to the teeth and thus cause discomfort.

However, the stumbling block to the usefulness of the popcorn became the method of its preparation, namely the use of a large number of sunflower oil, often of questionable quality. And if the person eats a good portion of popcorn, generously seasoned with salt and some flavorings, and even coupled with the harmful excess oil, to talk about health this product is no longer necessary.

But as if not properly cooked was popcorn, take the time to stock up and replace the plant foods, as in fresh fruits and vegetables contains a variety of vitamins and other nutrients that play an important role in ensuring human health, which in the popcorn, of course, no.