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Hidden killer good physique

Many people go to the gym, do fitness and achieve excellent results. But at times how difficult it is to achieve results, and how easy it is to lose all the achievements. The main reason for these losses is the power. You need to watch your diet. If you wanted to eat something tasty and not very useful, mark your chart the daily special (boot) is the day when you will load the body with all sorts of useless Goodies, or enter harmoniously the use of the non-dietary use of the product in the total amount of calories. Before you arrange a cheat day, it should be planned carefully.

There is a list of the enemies of our shape and fitness. Naturally, dishes Spica should not be consumed every day. A good option is to enable unprofitable, but your favorite meals in the diet in limited quantities a few times a month. In addition, these meals are full of unhealthy can turn into very useful.

1) we Should start with the pizza.

It is important to understand that in itself, pizza is not fraught with danger. On the contrary, if the acts as a filling of spinach, salmon or grilled chicken, this works only for the benefit of involved in bodybuilding or fitness. These fillings can contribute to a more rapid recruitment of muscle mass. Lycopene, a substance found in tomato sauce, even helps prevent cancer.

But it is quite another thing when it's greasy cheese pizza meat toppings. This pizza serves as assistant in recruiting extra grams of fat and 770 calories, which will make the heart of any man to work much worse. Greasy pizza is Italian food, so it's better to leave them eating their own national food, we are Italian not necessary.

How to make pizza from harmful useful? We need to clearly know its composition, if necessary, fill the dish with their own stuffing. Chicken or ham are a great source of protein. Or, you can remove the pizza half cheese and replace with something useful, for example, whole grain corn. The choice is yours, if you order a pizza online, carefully study its composition and all of the numbers written on the package. Perhaps, in this pizza contains so much fat that it for one use will hide a considerable portion of the bump body, which is achieved through hard workouts.

2) Fruit juice.

About its benefits everyone knows, is a rich source of vitamin C, in addition, the juice contains antioxidants that help the muscles to recover faster after exercise. Vitamin C is useful also from the point of view that movieset the production of nitric oxide.

Oddly enough, but the juice can beharmful. However, this is possible only in one case: if the juice is appetizer. Even in the use of natural juice can be a feeling of incomplete saturation. Juice should not be too much if I wanted to eat, better to eat a few apples than to drink a lot of Apple juice.

Juice is 100% natural, not sugar water. More antioxidants and less sweet syrup is what our bodies need. Grapefruit juice is ideal. Source of carbohydrates, providing energy for the entire workout. You can mix the juice with protein if your body can well digest protein, it would be incredibly useful. Or choose whole fruits, apples, oranges, grapefruit, berries and others. Whole fruits are a source of fiber necessary for digestion.

3) Fast food salads.

Hard-boiled eggs, chicken, beans and salmon – the salad ingredients, the use of which carries a solid good. Vegetable salad? Well, vegetables contain antioxidants and fiber that prevent fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

The main sources of calories: bread, chicken, cheese, croutons (croutons), bacon, creamy dressings, which are often found in restaurants in salads. What will these ingredients when used? Calories and rapid growth of body fat on your body.

Before you order a salad, you have to carefully read its composition and energy value. Some advice: better to pick for salads right ingredients, such as nuts or fruit. Again, the antioxidants in our body, in particular, tomatoes. The sauce definitely needs a low-calorie and not too greasy. Cheese, croutons, bacon – lettuce should be smaller.

Now, from specifics to General words, General tips: before use of any product, necessarily get acquainted with its composition, energy and nutritional value. For our body will not benefit from the fact that we overpay for all the fat that is in the form of confectionery, cooking, or any other species contained in the dishes. Unfortunately, these days the culinary producers sin the addition of fat in all products, where only it is possible to add. Sometimes it seems that the best option would be not to buy food in shops and markets, not to go to restaurants and cafes, and cook everything themselves, only from really useful products. No, that's paranoia. Does not need to reach such extremes, you just have to be careful before consuming any product think – whether it is necessary for us and for our body or not? The answer to this question, as the only choice for you! Your body need help!