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Natural chemistry

If you started reading this article hoping to learn something about the stimulants, or doping, it is in vain. I want to tell you about chemistry, which is natural for the human body. Somehow, that's about it, few know and even fewer use. If you want to know a sensational ways to boost the production of essential hormones that speed up the anabolism, then read on!

Let's try to remember the school course of biology and chemistry. Hormones, produced by endocrine glands, are controlled by the nervous system. And she, in turn, is controlled by the brain, like all other vital processes of our body. The action of hormones as strictly selective. Each hormone has a strictly its function and influence certain organs. In addition, hormones affect organs that are far away from the glands in which they are produced. They reach the organs through the blood. This function is called disceptatio.

So, now it is necessary to consider the way in which the hormone cannot act on a ward on him. On the upper pole of the kidney is a tiny gland called the adrenal gland. The brain sends it to a nerve impulse when there is an external stimulus (for example, a danger signal). The adrenal gland can be called a plant hormone production (he produces more than 40 different types). Thanks to these hormones our body recovering from fatigue, toxic substances, trapped in the body, are neutralized, we adapt more easily to hunger, radiation, cold, lack of oxygen, but the hormones increase muscle performance. This is achieved through selection of such a hormone, as epinephrine. The molecules of this hormone get into the cells through their membranes. After that, drastically change intracellular processes that affect our bodies: quickens the heart rate, and muscle tone increases. In addition, from the adrenaline stops the activity of the intestine and stomach, and glycogen in the liver additionally begins to split, resulting in free energy.

Now it is necessary to draw a conclusion. Muscle size increases due to hormones once you experience the power of stress. We are talking about hormones that stimulate the growth of muscle cell anabolism. "Anabolic steroid" is a synthetic analogue of the sex hormone in men. It was his chosen "pitching", hoping to get a big boost to their muscles. The "bodybuilders" forget that steroids when taken regularly lead to impotence, cancer and liver damage. Buying steroids is also stupid, because in reality, they do not affect the growth of muscle tissues.

Pharmaceutical steroids prescribed for people who have suffereda serious operation and immobilized. To avoid the threat of degeneration, these people are drinking steroids that restore the fallen muscle tissue. But fundamentally new muscle will not grow if you use this chemistry.

Despite this, many bodybuilders who use steroids say that muscle mass grows at a higher speed. How do you explain that?
The glands are connected by a single system. They are part of the endocrine system, like all the glands of our body. Changing activities 1 gland there also will be a change in the other. System of the endocrine glands controlled by the pituitary gland (area of the brain). Them produces hormones that regulate the body and stimulate the glands of the endocrine system. That is, the pituitary gland, thanks to the endocrine system is regulated by the hormonal balance of our body. When synthetic steroids, which are biologically very active, enter the body, they cause a lot of stress endocrine system that affects the pituitary gland. He takes a disorderly panic signals to the blood spilling of various hormones, including the one that we need for muscle growth – growth hormone. Its accidental arrival in the muscle tissue is an indirect effect of the steroids. This misleads many bodybuilders. In addition, the individual characteristics of the organism also affect the production of growth hormone with steroid use. For this reason, some athletes do not see any results from chemicals.

Prolonged use of steroids in humans arises from their dependence. The pituitary gland can be compared with the liver of an alcoholic or drug addict that is trying to maintain the "status quo", distorting the internal activities in the body. Changes in cells and lead to cancer. If the same person done with the use of steroids, the pituitary is still losing the normal performance in terms of growth hormone, so all at once noticed a decline in muscle volume and pump them again without steroids no longer work.
So, we determined that due to strength stress, our muscles grow, and this means that when training with weights produces growth hormone. But to be zealous in this case not worth it. Excessive stress will only inhibit the secretion of growth hormone. Moreover, the production of the hormone affects not only the physical but also the mental strain and insomnia, use of medications, change of diet. In addition, it was found that the heat and intense little exercise stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. The opposite effect gives the cold, blood sugar, and longworkouts that are low intensity.

Now you need to understand how many times during the day to stimulate the release of growth hormone in the blood, to achieve the best results. Scientists found that when an excess of the hormone, its effectiveness is sharply reduced. Experiments have shown that portions of the hormone must be completely disposed of, and the blood must be cleansed from him before the next peak selection growth hormone. Summing up, I would say that training needs to be broken into 2-3 short but high-intensity approach, as the number of training sessions should be no more than three.

Another very important tip for weight lifters would be to reach the dream. The bodybuilder needed afternoon NAP. Experimentally it has been proven that during sleep is a special hormone. It induces the release of growth hormone. This hormone is produced during the first 4 hours of sleep a night, and during daytime sleep if it lasts more than one hour.

Any experienced bodybuilder will tell you also about the food, but rather on the number of meals that it is the most significant effect on the growth of muscle mass. The diet six or seven times a day just perfect for stimulating growth hormone secretion. How to explain this? The reason for this fact has yet to be identified. Some scientists argue that it all depends on the diet, others put forward the hypothesis that in this mode the synthesis of amino acids occurs to a greater extent, and some species help to form growth hormone.

Is a little more to say about experiments. The number of peaks for the allocation of growth hormone per day, which is the most optimal, is still unknown. However, the Swedish scientists say that bodybuilders achieve the best results with 4-6 peaks. If their number 10, the muscles begin to grow slowly. Researchers from America called the exact number – 9 peaks. Who is right is debatable, but in any case, during physical activities, stimulation of formation of growth hormone with natural methods bring the desired result for you.

In conclusion, we can say that sleep, daily routine and proper diet is, of course, the basis of bodybuilding and with that old truth not to argue, but another great stimulant for the excretion of growth hormone in blood is a joy, because adrenaline is a hormone that is produced when any strong emotion! This means that nature walks, interesting films and books, good company and romantic Dating is something that should be mandatory companions in the pursuit of such sports as bodybuilding.