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Causes and prevention of injuries in weight training

All Amateurs and professionals familiar with the word trauma . And it often confronts almost every seriously dedicated bodybuilder. Especially injuries happen when you achieve good results in training. Any injury maybe you long to knock out your training regime. So, I want to tell you that it is better to prevent than to treat. For this, I'll give you some tips on reasons visavadia injuries and their prevention.

  1. the decrease of vigilance in training (negligent attitude to work with iron).
  2. insufficient warm-up before the main exercise ( including lack of warm-up approaches).
  3. the increase in weights is not able (when you think that all the work, pull through force).
  4. training through the pain (when you feel a little sore, but some kind of muscle or joint, but ignore this and pull the weight as before).
  5. violation of technique exercises (exercise just be like, just used to pull the weight).

This is a major violation that can result in serious injury.

Причины травм бодибилдинг

Prevention of injuries in Bodybuilding

Now let's talk about how to prevent injuries. When you come into the hall, be ever vigilant, despite the fact that you are doing. Dedicate 10-15 minutes a good workout to all the muscles and tendons were well warmed up. Also, it will be good to use a special warming cream ( for athletes). After that, the workers approach, start with warm-up exercises 2 sets of each with low weight weights. Also, work only with the weight that will be 80 % of your max . Never underestimate the importance of proper exercise technique. Every exercise is performed under the control with the correct range of motion. If you feel that you have a sore kind of muscle or joint (ligament), refrain from training for some time if the pain persists, you should consult a doctor (or surgeon) and until he does my opinion on your injury (it was serious) not to train.

As you can see, the simple tips and they have nothing difficult, it is important to observe them and then you can as long as possible and productive in the gym and achieve good results.

I wish you a good training without injury !