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Push-UPS — how and why

A real man is not afraid of difficulties, so we offer you a more complicated version of push-UPS. At first they may seem too simple to you — you underestimate them! After performing these exercises the strength, pumped up chest and coordination will become your faithful companions.

The maximum number of reps + 2 set + two months of training = double own record!

To achieve the greatest effect it is necessary to choose any of the two options described here, replacing their workout routine and do 2 times a week.

The key word is stability!

Exercise: Push-UPS on madbouh"

Spread out in a semicircle near a three to five midbrow. The more midbrow, the harder the exercise. Your goal: gradually to go through the whole semicircle from left to right. On one the ball with both hands — push-up. The right hand then goes to the next ball. The left hand stays in place — again a push-up.

Left hand joins right hand is again a push-up. And so until then, until all the balls are not involved in turn. Then come back in the same way — this is a repeat! Difficult? But productively!

Some of the secrets of execution: the palms are directly under the shoulders. The weaker are the muscles of the abdomen and thighs, therefore with such weak muscles regular exercises push-UPS may cause injuries to the lower back. You need it? Of course not! Therefore, the exercises "Push-UPS on madbouh" strengthens the muscles — stabilizers by 20%.

Key word — focus on the chest!

Exercise: Push-UPS with a stop"

The usual starting position for push-UPS. Dropping down a half — pause. Fall even lower — again a pause. Go back to "half". Another pause. Go back to the original position. Soak the final pause. You did a repeat! Pause in this exercise, play a highly significant role!

Some secrets run: the first goes down the chest and the pelvis. The neck should be in line with the back. Even with the most excellent training, still there are places that are not involved. During normal exercise on the push-up is the upper third, middle or lower third of the amplitude. Pause that you're doing the exercises, increase the strength burden not only on third of the amplitude, but 10 degrees right and left. This stimulates muscle growth. Therefore without pauses to complete the exercise is not productive!

Key word — strong shoulders!

Exercise: Push-UPS on the fitball"

For this exercise you will need a fitball. Strained abdominal muscles.Don't forget that you need to plant the blade in hand.

Initial position: hands are on the ball, feet together. Be sure to position the palms under the shoulders. Otomis, slightly touching the chest to the ball. Rise up and sharply, blasting push off from the ball. Don't forget the abstraction of the blades!

Some of the secrets of execution: you have forgotten one muscle, which is located in the upper ribs and the shoulder blades. Its weakness leads to the two problems. First, you perform exercises on push-UPS poorly. Second — the muscles of the rotator cuff of the shoulder are working harder than you can stand. So this weak muscles can become much stronger, thanks to push-UPS on the fitball. It is very important to distance the blades from each other.

Keyword biceps load!

Exercise Push-UPS on Ganesh"

Put 2 dumbbells in front of him. Stand up with your hands, open hands with palms facing away from you. The middle of the chest is equal to the line of dumbbells.

Dropping down, easily touch the dumbbells chest and climb up again. Be sure to keep the elbows parted to the side.

Some of the secrets of execution: the elbows should be tightly pressed to the body. If you take into account the normal push-UPS, they are mainly the muscles of the Delta of the breast,triceps. And when you turn palms forward, biceps take a lot of pressure on itself, which greatly increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

The key word is degreased!

Exercise "Cross-push"

Right hand on the floor, the left hand is located on the disk from rod. Bring yourself down. Sharp, explosive movement otomis from the floor. Try to guide the body up and to the left. You need to land a now right-hand drive. Repeat movement in the opposite direction. Congratulations! Repeat done! Rest your palms slightly wider than shoulders.

Some of the secrets of execution: blast mode push-UPS compared to the usual way of push-UPS requires much more energy. Repelled from the floor with a force more muscle fibers involved. Therefore, there is a big loss of calories. And the result is steel muscles instead of fat.

Key word — balanced body!

Exercise Push-UPS on Ganesh with traction"

For this exercise needs a dumbbell. Starting position — hands on Ganesh, which are located parallel to each other.

Do some push-UPS. Stomach muscles and buttocks hold in tension. From the starting position pull the right dumbbell to the belt. In this case reduce back muscles. Repeat this with the other hand!

Some of the secrets of execution: as a rule, zimowych movements much more than traction. This imbalance leads to injury of the shoulder joints. Pushups on Ganesh with traction eliminate this imbalance, and as a result there is a lack of injuries.

Interesting facts about push-UPS

Doug Pruden (Canada) — 30 minutes squeeze 1382 times. The most important thing — he did push-UPS on one hand! By the way, he also before this in 18 minutes and 13 seconds performed 1000 pushups on fists!

Bijender Singh (India) for one hour, wring 387 720 times. For 23 years no one can break this record!

Minoru Yoshida (Japan) — 10 507 pushups without stopping! Not everyone is able to repeat the record!

Paddy Doyle (USA) — year made 1 500 230 push-UPS! This is an average of 4 110 per day, 171 per hour push-UPS, 3 push UPS in a minute!!

In General, the maximum number of pushups in one minute is equal to 199 duplicates. That's an average of 3.31 push-UPS per second. This record set is very difficult!

Johann Schneider (Australia) — 112 push-UPS! A little? The hero has completed all the pushups and chicken eggs!!!

These characters are like push-UPS much more than other exercises and therefore have achieved amazing results! Let these figures will serve to give you extra incentive!

Perform all the exercises, train with meblami, dumbbells and a fitness ball and who knows, maybe that your name will stand in the same row tireless heroes!