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How to do push-UPS from the floor

There is a lot of physical exercise, having a high efficiency and effectiveness. One of them is push-UPS, which is recommended not only for adults but also for children. Start-UPS is possible from the age of six. Especially this exercise is essential for adults, as with age physical activity is reduced.

What are the benefits pushups?

High efficiency push-UPS no doubt. They are effective in combination with other exercises and isolation when confined to their implementation.

Push-UPS mainly focus on upper body:

  • biceps and triceps;
  • back muscles;
  • breast, anterior dentate, deltoid muscles.

отжимания от пола анатомия

They allow you to develop endurance, promote the growth of muscles. Pushups have to do every active in any sport, and regretting to be in good physical shape.

How to perform pushups correctly?

Правильная техника

Exercise benefits only in compliance with equipment performance. To do push-UPS correctly, you need to use the following scheme of action:

To take the starting position

Lie on a horizontal smooth surface. Hands should be shoulder width apart, and feet of the pelvis. You need to ensure that the toes rested on the floor, and palms facing up.

To perform a push-up

The hands on the inhale bend in the elbow joints, the body is lowered so that it forms a smooth and straight line, which should be uniform and not broken.

Violates any deflection technique. If the housing flexes, the pushups becomes easier to perform, but it makes them ineffective.

Make original position

Back to the original position is performed on the exhale.

There are many varieties of push-UPS. This allows you to not just to add variety to your workout, but also to select, having tried various, the most optimal option for themselves. There are over fifty types of this exercise, but enough to stop the most popular.

Pushups are relieved or worsening. This depends on the position of the hands and feet. Involvement in exercise of third-party inventory can make the process more easy, or, conversely, to complicate it.

Lightweight pushups

Best suited for beginners. A set of pushups with relief consists of the following exercises:



The easy push-up. To perform it, stand at a distance of 50 cm from the wall, take the focus with your hands, lift your heels, bend your arms on the inhale, move closer to the wall and take the initial position.

Bench or step

Скамейка или ступенька

To push given easier and easier, hands can rest on a bench or a step.

The emphasis on the knees

Упор на колени

If you rest on the floor, not toes, and knees, then push-UPS becomes much easier.

This complex is ideal for the primary muscle training, in preparation for more heavy loads in the future.

Pushups with weights

Much more effective base. The amplification occurs due to the rotation of various types of pushups:


На кулаках

The decrease in the area of support complicates the implementation, but allows us to train the knuckle.

At your finger tips

На кончиках пальцев

For those who are well prepared and trained.

On one hand

На одной руке

The focus is on the one hand, the second is behind. Because of this, there is a significant increase of the load.

With the emphasis on bench or step

bench or step" alt="With the emphasis on bench or step">

Harder to perform than on a horizontal plane. Increase the height of the bench, the center of gravity shifted even more, and therefore requires more effort.

With chairs

Со стульями

One chair put under his feet, two arms. You only have to use only a couple of chairs, which put the palm of your hand. To do push-UPS so much harder, but more efficiently.


С утяжелителями

Increase the load on the muscles of the back. Can be used as a special vest, pancakes from barbells, dumbbells, and a backpack, which is attached cargo.

To complicate pushups on the fists allow techniques such as a change in the distance between the hands, performance of cotton, the change of emphasis. Another option is performing a circular exercise. To do push-UPS so after lowering the body weight is transferred to one hand, moving on center, carry the load on the other arm, and then return to the starting position.

These exercises are great to perform not only in the gym but at home. This will not affect their effectiveness.


Start-UPS with weights is best after mastering the basic classical scheme of execution. You should not chase the number. Much more important is the quality — proper technique.

How many push-UPS need to be done?

You should train three to four times a week. This will give the muscles the opportunity to rest after each training. It is not only the intensity but also the number of push-UPS. To deal with the latter allows a special table. It presents three-and-a-half month complex workouts which consist of 5 sets:

Week The number of push UPS
first 20/20/15/15/10
second 25/25/20/15/10
third 30/30/25/20/15
fourth 35/30/25/20/15
fifth 40/35/25/20/15
sixth 40/40/30/30/20
seventh 45/40/35/35/25
eighth 45/45/35/35/25
ninth 50/45/35/35/30
tenth 50/50/40/40/35
eleventh 55/50/40/40/35
twelve 60/55/40/40/35
thirteenth 60/60/45/45/40
fourteenth 65/60/45/45/40
fifteenth 65/65/45/45/40

The program allows you to increase the number of push-UPS performed during one training session, up to 260. To increase the complexity of the training should not be limited to basic execution. The complex can vary push-UPS using a weight with a narrow grip, with an emphasis on the chairs.