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Unique and gorgeous Lou Ferrigno


  • Height: 196 cm
  • Competition weight: 124 kg
  • Bicep circumference: 58 cm
  • Chest circumference: 145 cm
  • Hip circumference: 74 cm
  • Lower thigh: 50 cm


The birth of Lou Ferrigno falls on 9 November 1951. He is a native of new York, Brooklyn. At an early age the boy was ill with otitis media, which led to partial hearing loss. School peers he taunted Lou, so he needed protection. The guy leaned in bodybuilding. His first classes he held in the basement of his house. In 16 years ' time, when Lou has achieved great results and weighed over 90-pounds, decided to move their training at a real gym. After two years, the athlete took 1st place in the "Mr. America", and just three years later, he received the title of "Mr. universe".

Лу Ферриньо

When Ferrigno decided to try their hand at the sport of football, he got injured calf. This forced the athlete to postpone the sport for a long time. The most pleasant memories of Lou are the ones that involve shooting the film Hulk and by meeting his beloved wife Carla. Despite the fact that the athlete was deaf, it did not prevent to play him more than 20 exciting films.

1980 was the year of the athlete this change. He married the beautiful woman who became a wonderful wife, friend and helper in all things. She was also indispensable mother to three children. The peak shape Lu accounts for 1977-th year. After the film, Lou returned to the sport and took part in the "Mr. Olympia". Despite all the addiction of an athlete to bodybuilding, he believes that the family is much more important than all the lunch and raise wonderful and loving children is the highest award in his whole life! Lou said that if a man found a beautiful woman that he loves crazy, he must marry her and start a normal family. Did all this and the athlete, when he met his beautiful Carla.

The last part in the competition "Mr. Olympia" Lou took in 1994. After that he once again left the sport, but not quite. The fact that the athlete has organized his school's bodybuilding. He began to equip the necessaryequipment room, located directly behind his house. Customers at Lou's were the most diverse. Such famous Hollywood stars as Michael Jackson, Mickey Rourke and others were ardent visitors of your own club Lou. Now Ferrigno was the highest paid coach in all of the United States!

Named outstanding athlete Lou forever inscribed in the history of world sport.