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Invincible Nasser El Sonbaty


  • Height: 180 cm
  • Competition weight: 123 kg
  • Lower thigh: 54 cm

Nasser El Sonbaty was born in 1965-m to year on 13 October. Because his mother was a Croat, and his father Egyptian, we can assume that in his veins flows Sonbati two of blood. A little later, an international family move into a beautiful city of Germany – Stuttgart. In this rather quiet town, and there was a youth younger bodybuilding athlete. Enrolling in high school, Nasser succeeded well in all subjects, knowing that this is a real chance to have a career in this difficult life. Having graduated with honors in high school, Sonbati continued her studies at the University of Augsburg for seven years.

Nasser El Sonbaty


Rowing, football, wrestling, swimming – Hobbies Nasser since childhood. From childhood, photos of bodybuilders and the sport are not attracted to Nasser, but still, he went once to the gym. He likes bodybuilding, as his muscles began to grow after the first training. Trying to win the local competition, Sonbati fails and decides to travel to Yugoslavia, where for the first time to the winners.

The views and life of the athlete has changed a lot. Now his purpose was to get a Pro card, which gave the opportunity to participate in professional competitions. The following beautiful victory of the athlete was eighth place in Finland in 1990. After that, Sonbati acts in new York, where mark in the 110-s kg, he looks quite slim and therefore the judges don't notice it. Suggested the athlete and the next tournament, he showed to win the 133 lbs."Now I was sladkovatam, "—said the athlete. So he goes out to break into the 15 leaders. A great breakthrough in the life of an athlete were racing "Night of Champions"in which Sonbati endured until 1994, only defeat. But this time it is not so! Having 112 s-kg weight, and just the unique terrain of the body, an athlete from outsiders. Comes in at second place. He has failed to get around only Mike Francois, who became a close friend of Nasser. It all led to glory Sonbati. Wrote about it in journals, but the main prize for the athlete was the opportunity to participate in the competition, "Mr.Olympia".

Having conquered the seventh place, Sonbati was a little disappointed. It all happened due to the loss of 13 kg of weight before a competition. It consume only 50 grams of carbs per day. This led to weight loss. But, the athlete did not despair and in the spring he will present to the world a new champion.


Not so long ago, March 21, 2013 sounded disappointing news. Nasser El Sonbaty died. The cause of death was health problems caused by kidney failure. It is a pity that the life of such a wonderful man and an athlete was cut short so early, only 47 year.