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Kevin Levron

Anthropometry Kevin Levrone

  • Height: 176 cm
  • Competition weight: 112 kg
  • Weight in the offseason: 127 kg
  • Bicep circumference: 59 cm
  • Chest circumference: 145 cm
  • Waist circumference: 80 cm
  • Hip circumference: 84 cm
  • Lower thigh: 49 cm


Kevin Levrone was born in the summer of 1966 in one of the cities of Maryland. The impetus for the bodybuilding was the first major loss in his life — the loss of the Pope. The gym powerlifters became the place where Kevin was able to forget about the tragedy, and the training was a time when he was left alone with him. He dedicated himself to fitness and formation of muscles. As he said much later, bodybuilding is the best sport for single people.

Kevin Levrone

After graduation, Levron is heavily engaged in career, but in 1990, there's been another tragic event – his mother was diagnosed with a disease of oncological nature. To forget about a tragedy in the family, he spent days at the gym. When his mother died, he was the only way – with a head dive into bodybuilding. His mother's death served as another impetus for the further development of his career as a bodybuilder. In the same year one of his friends advised him to participate in tournament among bodybuilders, Maryland.

For him surprise him in the championship. A year later he won at the National Championship, and since then, he officially began his career as a Pro. From year to year the number of victories in the tournaments of different levels only increased – it is one of the most renowned bodybuilders in the world in the history of the sport. 10 years later came the peak of his career when he won the Grand Prix of England. After that his career went into decline and higher than the second place he has not been raised. 2 years he has participated in various level tournaments (particularly in the "Mr. Olympia" ), but his career as a bodybuilder at the time has actually come to an end.

Kevin Levrone

After another 4 years, there was talk about his return to bodybuilding. But it was only rumors, as to the former form henever was able to return. At the moment, Levron, though not taking part in the competition, but continues to be involved in bodybuilding. He founded and is the owner of a chain of gyms for bodybuilders. In addition, he constantly holds competitions for powerlifters. In memory of deceased parents, all proceeds from gyms and tournaments money it translates into funds that are engaged in assistance to the younger generation.

Kevin Levrone now

Levron is not only a great bodybuilder but also a great entrepreneur, and just a thoroughly gifted man. He and the actor, and musician and businessman. Now Kevin Levrone lacks nothing. The athlete is the owner of two fitness clubs in Maryland and in Baltimore), as well as their own tournament. What is most interesting, all proceeds from the tournament, he gives to charity for sick children, which was created in memory of his mother.

Kevin is a bright personality. He is the icon of bodybuilding. Despite the fact that he didn't win Mr. Olympia four times he finished second. And took part in it and that is 11 times and it does not take into account many other professional tournaments. He earned himself the nickname "the Maryland Muscle Machine", partly because it is very easy to recruit, but also could easily drop muscle mass. This is truly one of the greatest athletes of all time bodybuilding.