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How to make a protein

In order to successfully build muscle, you need in excess amounts to provide your body with protein food. A large amount of natural protein as it is known, is contained in foods such as eggs, fish, meat. But do not forget that the same products are rich in cholesterol, an excessive amount of which leads to various diseases and detrimental effect on the heart. So it is with great caution to treat high protein diet.

Alternative protein supply – the use of concentrated protein mixtures. They contains no cholesterol and, therefore do not harm the body. And yet, some experienced bodybuilders prefer to the natural protein, citing the fact that the powder mixture does not give the same effect. The fact that different kinds of proteins affect the body differently, so it is very important to develop an individual strategy for protein supplementation depending on the desired result.

Which is better – whey or casein?

It should be noted that the impact of protein on human body is still not fully understood. Regularly, conducting new scientific experiments emerge new facts, often destroying some of our previous ideas and knowledge in this area.

The obvious advantage over all other types of protein whey is recognized for. Most manufacturers switch to the production solely of whey protein products. Indeed, this type of protein is easier digested and most rapidly supplies the blood with amino acids. But the paradox is that the rapid absorption does not involve the same high anabolism. In order to accelerate muscle growth with whey protein, is it necessary to use literally every half hour.

French researchers conducted an interesting experiment

For the four groups of bodybuilders were different options of food protein supplements. The first group once per day took casein milk protein, slow-digesting gastrointestinal tract. The second group also once a day used as a Supplement of amino acids. The participants of the third group were given once a day whey protein. And finally, the fourth group also consumed whey protein, but more often – 13 times a day, every 20 minutes. 7 hours after consuming protein, the study was conducted the level of anabolism based on the measurement latinoware balance.

The results found that casein works much better than amino acids, as the level of anabolism in the first group was higher than in the second. The lowest level of anabolism showed the third group.Whey, fast digesting organism, no less quickly removed from it, resulting in all remaining time, the level of amino acids in the blood decreases and the muscles are not getting enough nutrition for growth. The highest level of anabolism were registered in the fourth group of subjects.

Thus, it is scientifically proven, what kinds of proteins are needed to successfully build muscle. But in practice things are not so simple and straightforward, in theory. Consider the examples from life to illustrate the power of different proteins in relation to lifestyle and diet.

  • If ahead you will find so much on the day that there will be time for lunch, the best option to be taking casein in the morning. It will be gradually absorbed by the body, gradually saturating the blood with amino acids and supporting anabolism at a stable level throughout the day. In this case, a single dose of serum during the day will have no effect.
  • The reception of the same casein is very effective before bed. The serum works within a very short period of time, while casein will "work" on the muscles until the morning.
  • Sharply loading of amino acids using whey protein will be very useful immediately after a workout.
  • In that case, if your way of life free from external constraints, it is necessary to use small portions of whey protein. Intervals between doses should not exceed three hours.
  • In the event of circumstances when you definitely will not be able to eat in the next couple of hours, again it is better to take casein protein. Remember that your main goal is maintaining the level of anabolism.

Nutrition strategy

Development of strategy of a balanced diet for building body and muscle building is very closely linked with maintaining the body's process of anabolism. It is clear that there is not one definitive protein that would completely solve this problem. In each case it is necessary to use specific power circuit. But in addition to the described functions, proteins play an equally important and even more useful role in the body. For example, the composition of the whey protein in a small number of included peptides: alpha-, beta-lactalbumin, lactoferrin, immune globulins. Each of them performs its vital functions, such as, for example, as an antimicrobial and antioxidant, which is responsible for lactoferrin.

The results of experiments conducted on animals prove that underimpact whey protein strengthens the immune system. In addition, it increases content in the blood major antioxidant– glutathione. If enough rich in natural proteins the human diet to introduce additional food in the form of whey protein – muscle growth will be inevitable.

There is still soy protein that, according to scientists, also helps to increase muscle mass. These statements are made on the basis of experiments conducted on animals. The results showed that the isoflavones included in soy protein, increase anabolism.

If to briefly summarize all of the above, selecting a protein food it is necessary to consider various factors. If the power during the day an irregular look, you can take casein. Whey protein is used in the presence of frequent meals. It is recommended to use other types of proteins that will provide the most nutrition to muscles, and bring overall benefits to the body as a whole.

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