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The effectiveness of ZMA

People who do not have knowledge in English, not expert in the field of chemistry and biology, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is hidden behind the acronym ZMA (Zinc monomethionine aspartate and Magnesium Aspartate) . Athletes are well aware of this vitamin, the synthesized based on magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 in a weight ratio of 500 mg, 25 mg, 10 mg, respectively. During its relatively short history in the sports nutrition market it has already gained popularity.

The original product was conceived as BAD for the stronger sex, suffering from diseases of the endocrine system associated with low levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, which has a significant impact on the processes aimed at the effective functioning of all systems during extreme physical exertion. Therefore, the bodybuilders, powerlifters and other members of the sports community has adopted this drug.

How effective is ZMA?

Involved in power sports spend an enormous amount of energy, with which lose important minerals for the body, requiring timely replenishment. Magnesium and zinc present in the organs and tissues involved in biochemical reactions contribute to the production of protein in fat burning. The disadvantage of these representatives of the metal leads to a deterioration of the indicators undermines the health of athletes and should be eliminated immediately.

ZMA raise testosterone levels not only helps build muscle but also improves the quality of sexual life, giving confidence and encouraging new challenges.

The last chord in the whole range of useful properties plays a vitamin B6, which accelerates the metabolism that causes muscle fibers to recover faster.

Rules of admission ZMA

There are two most common regimens ZMA. For one it shows after a workout and before bed, and on the other limits the drug to only the evening hours. In any case, it is necessary to consider the system by which it feeds on the athlete, including in the diet all the necessary components, as the greatest effect will be achieved only with proper ratio of all micronutrients. It is desirable to refuse food rich in calcium impair zinc absorption.

Is it really useful for ZMA?

A large number of athletes, coaches and sports physicians questioning the benefit from taking ZMA. Many studies have shown that a vitamin complex is not the cause of increasing levels of HGH and testosterone. But we should not forget that everyone is interested in promotion of their goods, and in the commercial wars all good. The objective can be considered the fact thatexercise athletes it is not such, as, for example, office workers. Daily losses of zinc and magnesium large and require replenishment. Also there is a strict diet that excludes many foods. The conclusion suggests itself that no ZMA will not do.

Side effects

Overdose of any drug likely unpleasant consequences. Consequently, the fundamental point is clear and strict observance of the rules of admission ZMA. As for the rest, besides giving the urine a reddish tint, nothing dangerous was observed.

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