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Even short-term use of Steroids can "remember" muscles forever

Not long ago, the study, which was published in October 2013. The Journal of Physiology showed that short analiticheskih use of steroids may have long lasting and possibly even permanent effects that increase performance.

Earlier redial muscle mass, as with the use and without the use of steroids after a long period of lack of thisactivity attributed to the absorption of motor skill. But it should be noted that according to new data, which were obtained at the University of Oslo, it was suggested that human muscle, which is not long-term used steroids, there is a cellular mechanism of memory.

In experiments on mice, scientists examined the effects of steroids on re-recruitment of muscle mass, and they discovered that those mice who received steroids, it was possible to see more muscle mass and mieder (the main components of the muscle fibers after returning to training.

Professor Kristian Gundersen explained, the progress and results of this study thus: For a small period of time one group of experimental mice received steroids. Because of this they have increased muscle mass and number of cell nuclei in the muscle fibers. Three months after I canceled the steroids, the muscle mass of mice increased by approximately thirty percent in six days as a result of training, which had increased in intensity. Moreover, the control group of rodents showed only a small increase in muscle mass.

The result can affect a change in the length of suspension for athletes who abused performance-enhancing drugs, because even brief use of anabolic steroids has a pretty long increase athletic performance effects.

The result that was obtained during the experiment on rodents might correspond to the effects for ten years, if we talk about the person, under condition of presence of the same mechanism of cellular memory of the muscles. These results may cause disputes regarding the existing code of the world anti-Doping Agency, where the maximum suspend the athlete from competition for two years – said Gundersen.

In addition, the result suggests that strength training at a young age can have positive effects for later life, because with age, the ability to produce mieder would be violated.

In this manner, for subsequent analysis of cellular and also molecular mechanism of muscle memory will require additional research directly on humans.