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More! More! More! Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today, the classic techniques and principles of bodybuilding undergo significant changes. But a very small part of them gives an urgent and necessary advice to those who first came to the gym in order to carry out his intended goal, to be just very great. And so it is, because now all of the scientific reserves is aimed at helping already nerabotaet serious athletes to achieve the truly greatest results. These athletes have to go for a natural facet of human capacities to overcome the "dead point" where the increase in strength and muscle mass is not felt.

However, nothing has such an exceptional importance, as the beginning of training. Don't work here and the principles Joe wonder that speaks only in favor of the support of already formed muscle mass. Precisely because the beginning is both a lifestyle change and a solid Foundation for future results. Will largest is comparable to a tiny house or a huge Empire state building depends on the Foundation.

However, how to lay a solid and reliable Foundation?

The first step is a mental adjustment to the result of a clear motivation that will push a person to go to the gym and training. I believe that after a few years you will look so well-built and athletic that the right can match c Champions on magazine covers. This idea should not interfere with the common thoughts of insufficient strength or inadequate genetics. In bodybuilding it just doesn't matter, because the result depends directly on the diligence and consistency of training, compliance with system rules and rational recommendations.

The second step is to obtain the skills of hard training, which means no equipment and blocks. Much better to work with dumbbells and barbell, because these shells cover a wide muscle groups, developing them. So start basic training, leading to the buildup of strength and muscle mass, which is very useful for the realization of the intended goal to become strong and big.

It is recommended:

1. For chest muscles:

— horizontal bench press.

— breeding dumbbell lying on a flat bench.

— inclined bench with the head up and down.

2. For back muscles:

— pulling the rod to the belt in the slope.

— pull dumbbells in the slope.

— pull-up wide grip.

3. For the muscles of the shoulder girdle:

— bench press bar c Breasts standing

— bench press bar from behind the head

breeding dumbbell in hand

4. For hand muscles:

French press standing.

— dips (triceps workoutmuscle)

— the rise of the biceps co barbell and dumbbells.

inclined dumbbell curl ( triceps workout)

5. For the leg muscles:

— squats with bar on shoulders.

However, the complex of exercises for one workout does not have to consist of all the exercises mentioned above. So you should choose the best for himself, counting on the fact that the weight of the sports projectile was maximum, and the number of repetitions was not too frequent. It is better to start the workout 12 repetitions lifting a light weight, then continuing 6 sets with its gradual increase. Weight c is chosen so that in the last 2 approaches you raised the shell more than once. You do not need to spend more iterations in the 2nd – 4th sets before objectively there is a state of the muscle unit.

The Weider principles is rational to use only one. This idea of "partial movements" optimal for squats, do you need to half with one-fourth of the amplitude of flexion. Thus need insurance co by a partner.

Exercises of weightlifting and powerlifting is also recommended to introduce in the training, but it is better after you gain some muscle mass. It is not necessary to chase the result, that is for the maximum weight, and the need for the above mode to use it just for pumping. For bodybuilder recognized the following exercises:

— presses the bar c Breasts.

— deadlifts.

— the push rod.

— lifting barbells for Boobs.

Now ought to understand the concept of training intensity. So the generally accepted concept includes measures to accelerate the training: exercises are performed quickly, the break between them is minimized. This leads to a reduction of the duration to 40 minutes instead of one hour. Initial recommendation is just the opposite: in a normal one-hour training time spent on the lesson, it is better to stretch for half an hour. This is due to the need for adequate rest, in support of indicators of breathing and to think about increasing the effectiveness of exercise.

In bodybuilding often hear that starting a workout with less weight is preferable. For example: a man comes into the hall and begins to work with small dumbbells, repeating the sets almost indefinitely. After that the muscles acquire an impressive amount. This phenomenon is called "pumping," which does not fit with the rise in mass is actually muscle.

If muscle growth is not, then why do muscles grow? The answer is simple, muscle growth and overflow of blood incomparable. After a certain timethe rest returns to the original level. Sometimes it takes a little less than half an hour. Because it is so easy to get a natural muscle volume does not work, because the muscles of the back or legs and does not tend to venous congestion in them.

The best option start training with large weights. However, there appears the question of whether a positive impact on muscle growth cheating? It should clearly differentiate: c 15 kilos is of course useless, as it is better to focus on proper lifting, but when her weight is 50 kg, then cityroute need!

Initially, there is one aspect that accompanies many a workout. This is overtraining, the cause of which is poor awareness of their physical abilities, and therefore it is difficult to determine those optimal for the work load. However, training should be carried out 6 times a week. However, there is one condition: the group of muscles or muscle should not be subjected to the full load volume of the bowl two times a week.

Thus, the load on the small muscles three times per week for the cycle is heavy enough for them. Therefore adequate rest tired muscles will be longer than the breaks between the trainings of these groups. As the person enjoys the exercise and load, also have to enjoy and rest.

Naturally calibrated and systematic training plan is optimal, but you need to leave the opportunity to just go crazy.

It is worth remembering that you are only a bodybuilder, but still just a loner. Such has always been very small, because you also continue the path begun by co the hoary past. An evolutionary branch of primitive people living near the fire, legionaries and gladiators...

Very often, when I was younger, I sometimes went into the woods, where simply struggled with the trees, moved boulders, threw them in hand. I squatted with a storm broken tree trunks on their shoulders, throwing them to the side. After this a bonfire was lit and a long time sitting in front of him, feeling primitive savage...

The same is often practiced their holiday known Lee Labrada, as I learned later. However, many other bodybuilders also did this. To all the unusual are unusual ways!

Food is essential for muscle growth, the value of which is as important as the training itself.

As you can make mistakes in training, so mistakes are inevitable and in terms of food. The ability to eat is as important as the workout itself. But how many errors associated with nutrition especially in the beginning: many people simply eat a lot of meat. Given that the mass fraction of protein in meat is only 20%, then it is certainly eaten and the excessive amount of fat that impoverishes the relief of muscle, putting off subcutaneously.

The meal is sharedon 4 doses daily: one for Breakfast and the next three meals. The protein intake is also included in the food needs, but not for the energy of the body, and as a plastic material for building muscle fibers. With this type of food fats intake is reduced.

Recycling of proteins – individual ability for each, which increases as the fitness of the person. Often one problem: initially, with abundant food, and reduced ability to protein utilization, you can begin to get fat. To prevent this, no way – you just need to reduce caloric intake.

However, we can say one thing: obesity is not an ally of the bodybuilder. When weight loss fat cells are depleted, becoming unobtrusive. When the power mode provides enhanced nutrition, obesity comes certainly.

Food is a subtle tool for muscle growth, which as well as workouts, you need to use it skillfully. One without the other has no future without bigotry in compliance with food would not make sense to be a fanatic workouts.

Though the amount of muscles doesn't make an athlete great bodybuilder. Of course, the volume of muscles, and they pull people in bodybuilding, without which it is nothing to do. The importance of bodily proportion, proportionality of muscle. Underestimating these factors are similar to the champion will not become.

Before you can build muscles, look to the skeleton: if you're driving or hunched shoulders, it is necessary to work initially on it. This can be explained as follows: if now the impression is, that with the increased mass it will be more pronounced. It may also cause deformation of the spine due to the redistribution of the load on the spine. The likelihood of injury is very high.

Getting started – changing the position of the body. Begin formation of the skeleton, straighten it. Straight back is an indication of the high level of training. It is always seen bodybuilder, therefore, expand the shoulders.

Starting to work on ourselves, we should not look to the future, it is not necessary to understand the complex techniques and techniques. Better not to waste time on this, following the already conceived and effective method.

Getting the most from every workout is the only correct approach to implement the idea. However, over-training also is to be feared. No more distractions not worth it, because it's already difficult task.

No need to set ourselves specific and tight deadlines. Let the possibilities of people not limited by genetics, the time it simply determines. Nothing to do, but the increase of weight is strictly individual, but it is. This is a must.

When you begin to exercise according to this scheme,connecting all your perseverance and patience, you instead get the growth of muscle mass. And it's just inevitable. As every day without fail the sun rises, after each workout you will receive some increase.