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Pharmaceutical preparations for bodybuilding, for a small price at any pharmacy

The vast majority of athletes prefer to train in a natural way, namely without the use of steroids, and to improve the quality and speed of recovery after training uses only some, relatively harmless drugs that are not related to performance-enhancing drugs, including creatine, protein, amino acids, creatine, freely sold in specialty stores sports nutrition. In the same vein, athletes widely used a number of medicines are available in the normal pharmacies and OTC.

Nevertheless, despite the relative safety and availability of these pharmaceutical drugs, must strictly adhere to the accompanying instructions and, preferably before taking consult a doctor about their use. This article reviews the main drugs used in bodybuilding, discusses their significance and effect on the athlete's body, contraindications and possible side effects.


Part of asparkam contain potassium and magnesium in easily digestible for the human body form aspartate. Potassium and magnesium help to normalize metabolic processes in muscle cells, keeping them in the normal osmotic pressure. It is realized through the potassium – sodium pump (primary location potassium inside cells and sodium outside space cells). However, the work of the potassium – sodium pump will be provided only under condition of delivery into cells sufficient energy is responsible for magnesium.

Aspartate for easy transport potassium and magnesium into cells, which beneficially affect the athlete's body. The drug improves performance, which contributes to speed of muscle building. Magnesium is involved in protein metabolism and supply the process energy, allows the athlete in the process of strength training to effectively build muscle.

Asparcam is also used by athletes for quick weight loss when necessary in case of weight due to the fatty component or excess fluid. Excess fat is removed, "dryer", combining an increased protein diet with active training, and to prevent possible intoxication while consume plenty of fluids with which the body excretes potassium and magnesium, so asparkam is essential because it restores the balance of potassium and magnesium. The delay in the body fluid and edema used diuretics simultaneously with the asparkam to prevent the loss of body essential minerals and associated complications.

Drug helps to deal withconvulsions and stamina of an athlete training in conditions of high ambient temperature. Asparkam release in the form of tablets. Dosage and directions for use specified in the attached instructions, as a rule, taking one to two tablets three times a day. Make the drug should be in the morning and afternoon as in the evening, magnesium and potassium are less assimilated. The duration of the course of asparkam bodybuilder individual and is determined by a sports physician.


Riboxin, as a stimulant biochemical processes, able to exert a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the athlete. The drug increases the force of cardiac contraction, increasing stroke volume and coronary blood flow, has an anabolic and anti-arrhythmic action. Riboxin improves blood flow to muscle tissues, normalizes energy metabolism, activates metabolic processes in the myocardium, as well as a number of enzymes. In addition to the positive effect on the heart, Riboxin improves muscle regeneration. But, for effective recovery after heavy loads, one of Riboxin is not enough, so it is recommended to take in combination with potassium orotate.

Potassium orotate

The drug is a stimulant of the endogenous biochemical processes, refers to metabolisim. Produced mainly in tablet form, dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. The average dosage for athletes is 1.5-2 g per day. In fact, potassium orotate is a conventional mineral salt found in the tissues of any living organism. The drug helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system and has anabolic effect, allowing the athlete to recover faster after workouts. The drug increases diuresis and improves appetite. For significant progress bodybuilder drug is not particularly effective, but, nevertheless, in General it is good for the body, well tolerated by the athlete and has no side effects.


Inflammation refers to the cardioprotectors. The drug is designed to improve the efficiency of the athlete compensating for symptoms of mental and physical fatigue. Mildronate normalizes the metabolic processes and regulates cellular immunity. Usually Mildronate granted 15-20 mg per kilogram of body weight. The drug is taken by prescription, so it is recommended to consult before you start taking it.


Agapurin is available in tablet form and are relatively inexpensive. Drugshaving the basis of the same active ingredient, is trental and pentoxifylline. Agapurin taken separately from other funds. It increases the tone of blood vessels, reduces blood viscosity and increases flow velocity, which is important for the athlete, sensing the maximum pump working muscles. The preparation is used mainly by experienced bodybuilders to take agapurin carefully, following instructions, avoiding side effects means.

Leuzea (maral root)

The plant grows in Western and Eastern Siberia, in a mountainous area of Altai and in Central Asia. It contains phytoeciini, a substance identical to the steroid compounds with a pronounced anabolic effect. Leuzea activates protein synthesis and its accumulation in the tissues of muscle, heart, liver and kidneys. The drug improves physical stamina and intellectual performance. Prolonged intake Rhaponticum strengthens the bloodstream and improves overall circulation. The drug reduces the heart rate. Leuzea is part of a nutritional Supplement, which is called Leuzea-P One tablets Supplement that contains approximately of 0.85 mg of active substance – ecdisten, the cost of supplementation in the sports shops in the range of 700-1800 rubles.

The aralia

The medicine may cause hypoglycemia (falling blood sugar levels), and effectiveness is superior to individual RA-adaptogens. Because of hypoglycemia observed the release of growth hormone, the reception of aralia contributes to a high anabolic effect – the athlete is improving appetite and increasing body weight. The drug attributed to stimulant of anabolism. Tincture of aralia is sold in every pharmacy. Take her to a dose of 20-30 drops in the morning on an empty stomach, one hour before training.

Complexes of vitamins

Among the complex products are recommended pills, which take three times a day, one pill after meals.

As for the vitamins taken separately:

Thiamin (B1) involved in the activities of major body systems: cardiovascular, nervous and digestive system. Influence the growth and energy balance. The lack of vitamin B1 causes irritability, lack of appetite, fatigue and related health disorders.

Cyanocobalamin (B12) increases protein synthesis and its accumulation in tissues is an effective anabolic agent.

Pyridoxine (B6) plays an important role in metabolism and normal function of the nervous system.

Ascorbic acid (S) –antioxidant and reducing agent involved in metabolic processes.

B vitamins are available in injectable form, usually in the ampoule contains 1ml of a substance 5% concentration. It is inadmissible to introduce all of the vitamins on the same day – each vitamin is injected sequentially in a single day, following the cycles. Injections are made intramuscularly, the introduction of B1 and B6 can be somewhat painful.

Gliclazide MB

Gliclazide MV – pharmaceutical preparation, implemented free. One of the strongest anabolics. As a drug used as a stimulant of the pancreas in treatment of diabetes. Bodybuilders use this drug to maintain a high level of anabolism in the offseason. Performance impact close to an insulin injection and action to methandrostenolone. The drug allows the athlete to gain weight quickly.

Available in tablets of 30 mg. Begin with a dose of 30 mg per day, which if necessary in the next course (the course lasts two months) can be increased to 60 mg gliclazide CF should not be taken with other medicines. Taking it during Breakfast once a day. Anabolic effects of gliclazide is to stimulate them generate one of the anabolic hormones – insulin. For the effective action of the drug is recommended for at least six meals with a small amount of fat and high amount of protein. During the reception of gliclazide prohibited compliance with a low calorie diet to avoid the development of side effects of the drug, especially hypoglycemia.


Tamoxifen belongs to the antiestrogens. The drug used by the bodybuilders to enhance the body's testosterone levels, blocking estrogen. Tamoxifen is used in combination with other agents for the most effective exposure to long-term rates for at least 6-8 weeks. Tamoxifen is especially popular among bodybuilders during the drying process because it accelerates and enhances the process of fat burning. In cases where the athlete, there is a tendency to water retention on the background of the use of anabolic steroids, tamoxifen becomes mandatory. The drug in bodybuilding also valuable because it allows the bodybuilder to effectively increase the density of the muscles. As with any highly effective drug, tamoxifen has a lot of adverse character and contraindications, so it should be taken strictly according to the appointment of a sports doctor.


width="">Is similar to that of clenbuterol and belongs to the category of fat burners effective action. Sold in pharmacies without a prescription. The drug provides an increase of one degree in body temperature that helps mobilize fat from the depot and convert it into energy. When taking possible side effects – nervousness and shaking hands. The average take per day 3-5 pills three doses (calculated on tablet per 25 kg weight of the athlete).

Calcium glycerophosphate

Indications for admission glycerophosphate as medicines are fatigue, dystrophy, and rickets. For a bodybuilder the drug is valuable because it accelerates the protein absorption and improves the metabolism. Calcium glycerophosphate also contributes to increased appetite. During administration of the drug in the diet is necessary to limit fats, replacing them with proteins. Recommended to take the preparation courses. Analogues of glycerophosphate of calcium does not exist. Approximate daily dose is calculated based on the ratio of 100 mg for every 8 pounds of weight.


On the effects of Trimetazidine close to the famous Mildronate, however, much cheaper than the latter. The drug contributes to greater delivery of oxygen to the cells, maintains the intracellular potential, counteracts the formation of free radicals, increases endurance athlete. The drug can significantly increase the load and intensity of your workouts. The Trimetazidine can be replaced with a similar product containing creatine, which, however, will not be equally effective replacement. The combination of the drug with other drugs.


Vinpocetine is a drug correction of disorders of cerebral circulation. The active ingredient of the drug – apovincaminate. Vinpocetine has a direct effect on metabolic processes in brain tissue. Has a vasodilator effect and improves blood flow to brain tissue. Vinpocetine increases the resistance of tissues to hypoxia, stimulates glucose utilization and metabolism in brain tissue serotonin and norepinephrine. The drug inhibits platelet aggregation, thereby reducing blood viscosity. Vinpocetine has a positive effect not only on the brain, but also muscle tissue, contributing to the best of their supply of oxygen and nutrients. Taking medication usually in a dose of from 5 to 30 mg in 30 minutes – an hour before training. Vinpocetine has no side effects classic "power" in the form of insomnia or shake hands.


width="">Mechanism of action of Metformin, based on its ability to suppress gluconeogenesis in the liver, the obstruction of glucose absorption in the intestines and its best utilization in muscle tissue. Accelerates the transition of glucose into glycogen. Reduces appetite, thereby decreasing or stabiliziruemost weight. Hypoglycemic effect is not. Before use, the athlete should consult a doctor, as the drug has many contraindications and may have side effects.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea also called Golden root. The habitat – Eastern Siberia, far East, Altai, Sayan. The pharmacological properties of Golden root due to the presence in it of active substances – radialized and Rogozina. In the pharmacies you can find them in pure form. The main feature of Rhodiola rosea is the effect of effect on muscle tissue, which is manifested in the improvement of energy metabolism in them. The drug enhances endurance and increases muscle strength. The activity of the contractile proteins – myosin and actin is increased at the cellular level, increase in size of mitochondria.

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