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Andreas Munzer

Date of birth of Andreas Munzer — October 25, 1964. He was born in Austria in the family of an ordinary peasant. His parents were owners of a dairy farm, which brought in a good income. Andreas childhood was hard-working, hard-working child. He often helped his parents when they worked in the field, and when he had free time he spent it playing the trumpet in the music club. But also, Andreas was interested in sports. In the summer he played soccer, and in the winter I prefer skiing.

(Andreas Munzer)

Andreas soon began to work as a mechanic, and after he had a few hours to wait for the bus. The young man decided not to spend his free time in nonsense and began to visit the fitness center. Partners Andreas began to notice that the muscle mass of the guy start to grow rapidly, and offered him to take part in bodybuilding competitions. In the end, Andreas was awarded second place, and this event has surprised even the Munzer. After that, Andreas did not cease to pursue bodybuilding. In 1986, he along with his friend opened his own fitness club. In 1987, Andreas took third place at the World Cup, and in 1988 it was noticed by albert Busek, who has put a photo of a bodybuilder on the cover of FLEX magazine. A little later, Busek suggested that Andreas Munzer the position of a coach in a sports centre in Munich. Ideal for Andreas was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Achieving its goal, Andreas began to engage in harassing workouts that combined with strict diet. At the same time, he tried to remove all the fluid from the body, is definitely reducing water consumption.

Andreas Munzer

On the figure of Müntzer was said by many professionals, and in this regard he received a nickname – "man without skin". But still, Andreas is not limited only to diets and long workouts. He began to use drugs. The body of body required more and more drugs. The cost of all used medicines demanded from the athlete large loads, and he even had to speak 40 times a year. Health Andreas Munzer gradually worsened, but he didn't pay much attention to emerging health problems. In 1996, namely on March 13 this year, the bodybuilder felt some pain in the stomach. The doctor has diagnosed liver damage and bleeding in the abdominal cavity. Surgery Munzer did about nineteen hours. But despite this, the life of a sportsman and is not saved. That night, Andreas died.